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Wolfgang Halbig | Sandy Hook Issues, Capstone Events, & The Coming Lawsuit

Wolfgang Halbig | Sandy Hook Issues, Capstone Events, & The Coming Lawsuit

Wolfgang Halbig | Sandy Hook Issues, Capstone Events, & The Coming Lawsuit

by The Higherside Chats | Nov 3, 2017

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, as he talked Sandy Hook, Capstone Events, and The Coming Lawsuit, with Wolfgang Halbig.

Folks, we have seen many strange and sad events since 9/11 that seem to fit the template of a false flag, but even more strange is the suggestion of a “full blown simulation” in some of the active shooter situations we’ve been shown by the media.

Of these events, there is none more divisive and irregular than the events at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th, 2012. And when you start looking into the details, you find so many holes and irregularities, that you’re forced to wrestle with conclusion that this event was more stagecraft than shooting.

Of course I’m no expert, but luckily folks, today we do have one in our midst, by the name of Wolfgang Halbig, and I can think of no one more qualified to give there analysis of a school shooting than him.

Mr. Halbig is the former Executive Director of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. He has worked in public education as a teacher, Dean, Assistant Principal, Principal, and even Director. He’s also held the title of Director For School Safety & Security of the Seminole Country Public School System, a school district of approximately 65,000 students. Mr. Halbig also has law enforcement experience as a former Florida State Trooper in Miami, FL, and as a United States Customs Inspector.

That is no small resume, and when his job has been to prepare schools and public places for exactly these types of situations, I think we owe it to him to listen.

Unfortunately, in the years since, Wolfgang has had his life turned upside down, and his family threatened just for asking basic questions, seeking out records, and looking for explanations to why traditional protocols he’s professionally familiar with were not followed.

Now we have him here at a very crucial time, hot off the heels of our good friend Marty Leed’s documentary about the situation entitled Dear Wolfgang- and just as he’s preparing for the culmination of his ongoing legal battle- as he’s currently being sued by Lenard Posner, the supposed parent of Noah Posner. One of the alleged victims at Sandy Hook.

02:50 Wolfgang starts by expanding on his credentials and why his expertise shouldn’t be dismissed.

12:48 Wolfgang explains how unreasonable it is to believe that Adam Lanza acted alone, given what he knows about the supposed weapons involved.

29:40 Wolfgang describes a “capstone event” and explains why that might be what we’re looking at in the Sandy Hook saga.

40:29 Wolfgang talks about his relationship with the Alex Jones Show, and his disappointment with their 180 on the Sand y Hook issue.

Wolfgang’s trial starts Nov 7th.

Support or contact him via any of the following methods:
Check or Money Order made out to:

Sandy Hook Justice
25526 hawks run lane
Sorrento, FL 32776
Phone: 352-729-2559

Also be sure to check out Marty Leeds’ documentary, Dear Woflgang, Revisiting Sandy Hook:

*Marty has informed THC that his video is constantly being taken down due. In the event this link no longer applies, just search for the title. People have been encouraged to keep it alive via their own channels. You should be able to find it somewhere.

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