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Spencer Gibb

Spencer Gibb
Genre – R&B, Soul, Pop, Rock
Spencer Gibb, best known for his work with the band, 54 Seconds, recently completed his first solo record. “Beautiful Mess” is a heart-breaking introspective drawn from Gibb’s earliest musical influences.
With years of performance, composition, and acclaim behind him, Spencer Gibb embarks on his first efforts as a solo artist. As the driving force and principle writer of the internationally-established power-house band, 54 Seconds, Spencer calls upon his earliest influences with his heavily-anticipated solo works.

Not yet officially released, “Beautiful Mess” re-visits the unmistakable sounds and homages to the likes of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Van Morrison, and Michael Jackson. Spencer has been best known for his mastery of british/progressive pop infusions for over a decade. However, Gibb throws it back still again with with his current pet project: his catchy yet classic in-your-face sibling EP to “Beautiful Mess”. Where “Beautiful Mess” takes you on an emotional journey, the yet-to-be titled EP is 6 songs of (go ahead and try not to) sing-along intoxication.

Spencer, along with co-producer Aaron Frescas and composer Ludek Drizhal, traveled to the historically lush city of Prague to complete the colors for both of his long-awaited solo efforts with the internationally recognized Czech National Symphony Orchestra. Spencer Gibb spares no challenge in accomplishing not only what lies beyond his previous works, but what lies beyond the current mainstream.

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