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Abby Quinn, Edie Falco and Jenny Slate appear in Landline by Gillian Robespierre, an official selection of the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. © 2016 Sundance Institute | photo by Chris Teague.

For fans of “Obvious Child,” the film’s main trio — including writer and director Gillan Robespierre, writer Liz Holm, and star Jenny Slate, who love working together and we hope never stop — are back on the big screen with their ’90s-era throwback “Landline,” which will be released in select theaters next month.

Our Sundance review pegged it as being even better than “Obvious Child,”  as it’s “the rare movie that appreciates the difference between the pleasure of standing in the water and the satisfaction of soaking in it — the difference between trying someone on for size and swishing around in their dirt until your skin prunes and the water runs cold.

Almost everything that a second feature should be, the film is bigger, richer, shaggier, and more satisfying than Robespierre’s ‘Obvious Child,’ though obviously a product of the same irreverent imagination. It’s that most elusive of indie dramedies: An honestly told story about the messiness of human relationships.”

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