Music @ The Speed Of Life (Mint Condition)

January 9, 2013 in News

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Mint ConditionThe group Mint Condition has always had a unique and identifiable sound. As a band, they gel together so well that you can instantly identify their music, which is a pleasure because it’s that authentic and original. Their recent release, “Music At The Speed Of Life” follows in the footsteps of their past productions, which have all been a hit in this reviewer’s eyes.

There’s some serious crooning from these cats as soon as the needle drops, which is exactly what fans have come to expect. Trust me, they do not disappoint. This new album has a slightly different sound, one that seems to be even more seasoned, as they continuously get better with each release. Listeners can expert solid lyrics and amazing music with a great delivery, clever rhythms, and great beats. One listen to this CD (or any of their CDs) will convince you that I’m not overselling them. They’re just that good. With “Music @ The Speed Of Life”, Mint Condition is at the top of their game, bringing R&B to fans with sheer perfection.

I loved the very inspirational track “Completely”, which should easily be a hit. This band, which hails from St. Paul, Minnesota has been around since the 1980’s, and though they don’t produce a lot of music (at least not as much as I’d like to see/hear), what they do release is always fabulous and this CD is not the exception to the rule. “Believe In Us” is a slow to mid tempo ballad that is absolutely off the chain!! “Blessed”, “Never Hurt Again”, “Nothing'”, and SixFortyNine/Changes” (featuring Nathan Miller, Eric Leeds, and Brother Ali) all deserve mentions as some of the best on the CD, but there’s not a bad cut, and I’m sure listeners will find others to be just as much to their liking. This is a must have CD for any serious R&B fan, or music lovers in general. I highly recommend it!!