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January 21, 2015 in News

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Stephen John Paul“Bold and daring” are words that have been used to describe the music of Stephen John Paul. In an era where most artists are fashioning their craft around the stereotypical demands of pop culture, SJP stays true to his musical roots of jazz, blues and pop-soul on his courageous, new self titled EP, SJP. With a heart and soul for real world issues, SJP takes his listeners full circle, beautifully landing on themes of faith, hope and love as the basis for true life and living.

Reigning originally from Buffalo, NY, SJP spent much of his life in Sarasota, FL. Entrenched in music since age 4, SJP delivers his audiences world-class talent as a musician and singer. With melodies and arrangements that elude most current artists, you will be moved by this artisans delivery and passion.

Music @ The Speed Of Life (Mint Condition)

January 9, 2013 in News

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Mint ConditionThe group Mint Condition has always had a unique and identifiable sound. As a band, they gel together so well that you can instantly identify their music, which is a pleasure because it’s that authentic and original. Their recent release, “Music At The Speed Of Life” follows in the footsteps of their past productions, which have all been a hit in this reviewer’s eyes.

There’s some serious crooning from these cats as soon as the needle drops, which is exactly what fans have come to expect. Trust me, they do not disappoint. This new album has a slightly different sound, one that seems to be even more seasoned, as they continuously get better with each release. Listeners can expert solid lyrics and amazing music with a great delivery, clever rhythms, and great beats. One listen to this CD (or any of their CDs) will convince you that I’m not overselling them. They’re just that good. With “Music @ The Speed Of Life”, Mint Condition is at the top of their game, bringing R&B to fans with sheer perfection.

I loved the very inspirational track “Completely”, which should easily be a hit. This band, which hails from St. Paul, Minnesota has been around since the 1980’s, and though they don’t produce a lot of music (at least not as much as I’d like to see/hear), what they do release is always fabulous and this CD is not the exception to the rule. “Believe In Us” is a slow to mid tempo ballad that is absolutely off the chain!! “Blessed”, “Never Hurt Again”, “Nothing'”, and SixFortyNine/Changes” (featuring Nathan Miller, Eric Leeds, and Brother Ali) all deserve mentions as some of the best on the CD, but there’s not a bad cut, and I’m sure listeners will find others to be just as much to their liking. This is a must have CD for any serious R&B fan, or music lovers in general. I highly recommend it!!

Mariona meets DanMcB – A match made in musical heaven

April 17, 2012 in News

Mariona Smets and Daniel McBrearty

“Beautiful honest music! Classy songs, great voice and feel-good arrangements! Old-school quality!” (Joy Malcolm, lead singer Moby, ex-Incognito) Take an extrovert, precociously talented Belgian songstress with a passion for classic country and mix with a multi-instrumentalist Welshman who grew up listening to Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong and what have you got?

In the case of Mariona Smets and Daniel McBrearty you get a pair of artists who complement each other perfectly. Despite very different backgrounds, Mariona and DanMcB connected through their love of great American music. And, since meeting after Dan moved to Belgium to start a family, they have been forging a powerful, exciting partnership.

The release of their first 4-track EP made together – simply titled ‘Mariona Meets DanMcB’ – cements their reputation as one of the freshest and most talented acts out there. The EP includes three original tunes, all drawing on the pair’s combined love of soul, Motown and traditional jazz. Read the rest of this entry →

Alejandro Santoyo’s album release “Elevation”

December 12, 2011 in News

Alejandro Santoyo’s album release “Elevation”: Sublime Musical Emotion

Alejandro Santoyo is a classical composer and pianist with a difference: few purveyors of such sweet, soulful, romantic music as Alejandro cut their teeth in a boy band. But that’s where Alejandro Santoyo started. He has come a long way since his days in “Microchips”, and that progression can be seen in the mesmerizing beauty of his first solo album: ‘Elevation’.

As the name suggests, this record is one that lifts you above the ordinary. It scales heights of elegance, form, and structure that are rare indeed among modern albums. It is classical music, but the kind of classical that transcends definition and reaches out across entrenched musical boundaries. Alejandro Santoyo’s composition and arrangements are as expert as anything you can find in modern classical, while his light touch on the piano has the touch of genius about it.

The album uses solo piano, mixed at times with acoustic guitar, full orchestra, and on the elegiac title track, a choir that brings a tear to the listener’s eye. Alejandro Santoyo’s balanced musical form has been compared by one reviewer to J. S. Bach. But there are also elements of Latin, of jazz, of new age, and even soul music in the melting pot that is ‘Elevation’. Alejandro Santoyo’s CD plays the music to the film that takes place in the mind. It is visual, aural and spiritual, all at the same time…

But mainly, it is music that comes from the heart and the soul, for the heart and the soul. It goes beyond words… It is Beautiful.

This is a delightful video, showcasing his dream-like and alluring “Nenita”


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