Pocket City – Music for a new generation

November 4, 2011 in News

The history of music has always been a history of fusion. Hip hop and blues – two of the great American art forms – both came out of a mix of musical styles and cultures.So it is with the insanely talented Alex Tintinalli, aka A.TNT, aka the driving force behind the most exciting band to hit the airwaves in years – Pocket City. A.TNT is an R&B musician almost beyond compare on the modern scene, yet Pocket City is an incendiary tour de force of hip hop, funk and jazz that will have them packing the dance floors from Toronto to Rio.

This five-piece band, straight out of Ontario, is on the cusp of releasing its debut EP – the anonymously titled ‘Pocket City’ – and it’s set to be one of the most exciting debut offerings of this or any year. That’s because, as has been proven by Pocket City’s incredible live shows that have been winning it a fan base across the continent, this isn’t your average rap offering.

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Dutch DJ releases track with UK rock star!

September 12, 2011 in News

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What do you get when you mix a well-known rock artist from the UK with a respectable Dutch DJ / producer? Exactly: a massive hit which is suitable for both clubs AND radio! Phonic Funk teamed up with The Bleachworks (better known as Christian Burns) to release the big melodic house banger “Save This City”.

The Bleachworks is a side project of Christian Burns who was part of the UK based band BBMak which was a major success for several years. Not only they were support act of Britney Spears and *NSYNC, they also reach ed a big break through in America and Asia. After the BBMak guys split up in 2003, Christian focused his musical attention to several projects, including some dance related ones, like the huge Tiësto hit “In The Dark” and collaborations with Benny Benassi and David Guetta!

Next in this list of dance gurus is Phonic Funk. Born in South Africa but raised in Holland he represents his roots on the Dutch dance floors and festivals with a warm sound filled with lots of soul. Besides his DJ-ing, Phonic Funk is also known for his successful releases for labels such as MN2S Recordings and Hardsoul.

For everyone who really needs a touch of summer during upcoming autumn and winter: listen to “Save This City” and you feel like lying on the beach again!

Dan Lo Fi – Rebel Creator

August 20, 2011 in News

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“Love this album. It’s like something from the golden age of Warp records when electronic music sounded futuristic, yet still had plenty of warmth and emotion, it’s full to the brim with captivating melodies and textures.”

Osymyso (Warp 20 box set ‘Elemental’ mix)”… sparkling, edgy electro-pop, fusing intricately programmed sounds to create miniature electronic vignettes … significant earcandy …”

Barcode Magazine “… really interesting sounds, pushing the more experiental side of things … definately want to hear more …”

Tom Billington (Producer, BBC Radio 6) “… Aphex Twin style hypnotic ambience, retro Nintendocore beeps and full blown Orbital techno … ’33 Ways’ is six minutes of propulsive joy …”

Tasty Fanzine”… one of the most varied, interesting, textured & often wild albums I’ve heard in ages! Dan is a cracking composer …”


Daniel Pugh composes and produces music using a broad range of acoustic sounds such as violin, voice, guitar and piano, digitally manipulated and mixed with analogue techno and dub-electronica sound palettes. His distinctive productions are influenced by his classical music training and love for both acoustic and electronic sounds.

Dan is a classically trained violinist who played lead violin at school and in youth orchestras. He began writing music using BBC Microcomputer in the late 1980’s. Regarded as one of the most prolific BBC Micro music makers of the time, with well over 50 tracks to his name still preserved for BBC Micro emulators.
Around the same time he started writing songs for the indie band Pavlov with lyricist / singer James Royal-Lawson, a friend from the BBC Microcomputer scene. They released the “Hailstone EP” on 7″ vinyl in 1991 and their cover of “Blue Eyes” appeared on a “Tribute to the Wedding Present” CD.

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Music Smackdown Episode 45

March 28, 2011 in Music Smackdown Radio Show

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Music Smackdown Episode 45

Winter has gone and spring is here, TMC & Dark has some hot music this week to warm things up. New Artist Radio is a great resource to find new music and artists. Get up close and personal with performances from some of the biggest names in indie music like Fith, Soulscript, Stone Ticket, The Dropzines, The Dogtowne Boys,  Adam D Tucker and more.

1. Fith – Away
2. Soulscript – Blink
3. Candid – The Last 8 Seconds
4. Wheres Leo – Carry On
5. Tribute to Dennis Brown By Chappa Jan – Carry On
6. Stone Ticket – Catch My Fall
7. Maxheat – Duck Down
8. The Dropzines – Cigarette Sun
9. American Hitmen – Bless Me
10. The Dogtowne Boys – Don’t Get Us Started
11. Parchman Farm Freedom Riders – El Ocho
12. Adam D Tucker – Honky Tonk USA
13. Astral Kitchen – Star

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David Rosenfield – The Future of Folk

March 21, 2011 in News


David Rosenfield: www.davidrosenfield.com

In some ways, David Rosenfield is a throwback to a forgotten era. He is a songwriter who understands that great songs are essentially small pieces of poetry, and that a singer is really a poet.

In that, Rosenfield’s music is a tribute to all the greats that have gone before, with folk-based paeans celebrating the work of artists from Bob Dylan to Leonard Cohen via Townes van Zandt, Neil Young and even Allen Ginsberg. Yet, like all great poets/singers, Rosenfield’s voice is distinctly his own.

The release of his first full length album – ‘Son of Ojito’ – will see Rosenfield spread his unique gifts to a far wider audience than he has previously been able to. Yet the album captures the same sound that he developed through gigging in and around his Florida base. Like all the best blues and folk records of the last century, ‘Son of Ojito’ captures the intimate, live feel that is essential to Rosenfield’s music.

These are deeply emotional songs; raw and affecting in the way that, sometimes, only one man with a voice and a guitar can be. The songs are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes light and sometimes dark, but each and every one is truly a part of their creator’s soul – and that’s what true songwriting should always be.

Rosenfield’s guitar playing has the same raw intensity as his singing and his writing. His distinctive folk music combines elements of rock’n’roll, acoustic blues, country, and even modern indie and punk.
The son of a professional folk musician mother, music was always in Rosenfield’s heart. He has absorbed music wherever he has gone, a fact reflected in this record, which has the influence of The Doors, Nirvana, Beck, the Violent Femmes and many others mixed in with the more traditional folk sound.

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Music Smackdown Episode 44

March 21, 2011 in Music Smackdown Radio Show

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Music Smackdown Episode 44

This week TMC tries to cheat her way into a little rock & roll and a taste of Country while Dark goes all soft on us, well not really. Take a listen and enjoy music by some great artist like Brian Jones, Crow Hollow Blonde, Nathan Osmond, Guy Bergeron, Your Roses, Brian Jones, Killabliss and more…..

1. Killabliss- Lonely Number One
2. Brian Jones – Don’t Come Back
3. Your Roses – This Old Bottle Wont Let Me Down
4. Five A.M. – Painted Words
5. Soulscript – A House You Can’t Call Home
6. Crow Hollow Blonde – Soul Sucking Sun
7. Impulse Ride – Good For You
8. Dee Girard – Today
9. The Muggs – Gonna Need My Help
10. Nathan Osmond – Feels Like Heaven
11. VIAL8 – Adrenaline Junkie
12. Guy Bergeron – Audience For My Pain
13. Mongrel – Bound to Crash

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Music Smackdown Episode 43

March 14, 2011 in Music Smackdown Radio Show

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Music Smackdown Episode 43

Spring is in the air and time is moving forward, Here on New Artist Radio your host TMC and Dark want to make sure each one of you will hear some of the more popular up and coming artist.

This week show is a wild and crazy one from one Rock’in time to a slow Country melody. Some artist this week are Electric Shepherd, VIAL8, The New Tropic, Frankie Cleary, Katfood, Ginger Patterson, Lee Coulter and plenty more great music.

1. Electric Shepherd – Chem Trails
2. Greg Bowman Blues – A Real Man
3. VIAL8 – AMX
4. The New Tropics  – Dark Night
5. Femke – High on You
6. Frankie Cleary – Different Side
7. Mota – Hurry
8. Katfood – Fine Line
9. Carrico – Can You Hear Me Now
10. Jason Foster – More Country Girls
11. Ginger Patterson – One Night
12. Lee Coulter – Photograph
13. Anita Prime – Complicated

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