Emma Cairo Passionate Country Rock Singer

April 18, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

Emma CairoEmma Cairo Release
“Southern Songs from the North”
I am a passionate country rock singer, residing in Los Angeles, yet I am originally from Denmark, Scandinavia,
The tranquil darkness and melancholy of the North is the backdrop of my music. I mix it with the emotional and feisty temper of the South. Along with a profound love for the US, this creates my soundscape. And, now, the time has come to share it with the world! I have just released my EP, Southern Songs from the North.


After having toured in Asia and the Middle East, I realized that we are all flakes of dust in an infinite universe. This realization filled me with inspiration and love for the universe and for music – the magical vibrations of the cosmos. The art of controlling these vibrations is my calling.
I am often referred to as “The Uncrowned Viking Princess of Country Music.” However, I plead for your help in retrieving my actual crown! Even princesses need exposure.
Your services to the crown will not go unnoticed!
Emma Cairo


STARTR3K JONES to Release His First Single, ALIEN

February 25, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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STARTR3KJON3SDC’s premier rock/alternative pop/hip-hop recording artist & songwriter STARTR3K JONES will release his first single, ALIEN, from his highly anticipated debut album BEYOND, which is expected to be released in mid spring 2014. ALIEN, which will be released everywhere music is sold worldwide under independent DC-based record label Itrinity(e) Music Group, falls more on Startr3k’s hip hop spectrum and will have its listeners dancing in the club.
When asked about his inspiration behind ALIEN, Startr3k had this to say “The inspiration behind Alien came from people’s misperception of me. So many people assumed that I wouldn’t be able to produce a song like Alien, let alone execute it then keep rolling with the punches. I made Alien for all the people that underestimated me. I also gathered inspiration from people who told me to be the best at whatever I do and by being different my music harder to replicate.
A lot of artists just stick to one sound and stay in that same box.  I’m an artist; I create best with no limits and no boundaries.I want and need I have a tenacity to be different. I need my music to be a platform for real talent. I’m here to set the bar HIGHER. This is no longer an earthly issue; this has become a war in the cosmos. Dare to be different.  I did….”
”I’m taking particularly sensitive care with this project and artist Startr3k Jones.. “ says Itrinity(e)’s CEO, Dwight “Turbo” Dillard “so much so that I’m hand picking specific collaborative artists for Startr3k Jones’ new album ‘Beyond’, which is slated for release in early spring 2014 and features Fat Trel, David Correy and many more well known artists”.

Knaggs Guitars

February 24, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Knaggs Best Team
Knaggs Guitars was founded in 2009 by World renowned designer and luthier Joe Knaggs and Branding/Marketing expert Peter Wolf, two well respected industry veterans with a vast history and experience in their respective fields.

All designs/creations are named after American Indian river names. Chesapeake line models Choptank, Severn, Potomac & Patuxent are named after tributaries to the Chesapeake Bay while the Influence line Kenai, Keya, Chena, Sheyenne are named after rivers in North America.

Wood & Materials are carefully selected and processes are state-of the art. A skilled team of experienced senior guitar builders are making sure the end result is as good as it can possibly be: creating the finest instruments and providing the best tools for players and guitar aficionados.

Everyone at Knaggs guitars is a highly skilled professional – together we have over 150 years of experience in creating extraordinary instruments.

We look forward to building one for you!

Rock Artist Dot Legacy

February 23, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Among a multiple choice of music styles, Dot Legacy, not wanting to know where to stand, decides to dig in them all while keeping a solid rock ‘n’ roll base.

These four young french rockers make you jump between Stoner, Noise and even Post-Rock, often using wild or sophisticated subgenres absolved from meaning whatsoever. They fought to find a unique mark and sound plus developed a stage act worth skipping bowling, between And So I Watch You From Afar and Health.

From skeletons to lost souls, with only one song they make you whizz, buzz, fuzz.

Thailand/Australia electronica act Wasabi Bytes has controversial video

February 23, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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WASABI BYTESWasabi Bytes’ controversial new video pulled by YouTube, collaboration with Afrika Islam  released

Thailand/Australia electronica act Wasabi Bytes is currently making waves with a controversial viral video hit pulled from Youtube and a new collaboration with hip-hop legend Afrika Islam set for release in days.
The act’s video for new single “Deep Inside” features a controversial turn by Thai-English actor Chris Wegoda, best known recently for playing Dr Frank’n’Furter in the first Bangkok stage production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Wegoda plays a cross-dressing romantic who likes nothing more than to dress up in suspenders and go out on dates with his tomboy lover.
The video quickly went viral attracting tens of thousands of views but not all viewers were fans, with Youtube pulling the video on the basis that enough users had complained it violated its community guidelines focused on lewd or offensive content. As Wasabi Bytes’ auteur Grahame Wasabi notes “although the takedown was ludicrous in our opinion, we did note with some glee that the ban fell exactly thirty years to the day when the BBC banned Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.” (January 14)
AFRIKA ISLAM ON TITLE TRACK: The single heralds a new album from Wasabi Bytes featuring hip-hop legend Afrika Islam rapping on the title track “Rage Of The Machine”. Afrika is best remembered as the producer of Ice-T’s seminal tracks including Colors and the first DJ to host a hip-hop show on radio, New York’s WHBI in 1981.
Grahame Wasabi says that Afrika became a fan of Wasabi Bytes when on vacation in Thailand in 2012 and has advised the group through the recording stages of its new album. According to Wasabi the album is loosely constructed around the concept of “what happens if the instruments we use such as synths and drum machines become sentient and make their own music when humans aren’t around.” The album seeks to capture the retro-futurist vibe that informs the act’s influences dating back to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.
The album “Rage of the Machine” features 12 tracks: Spider, Creamy, Deep Inside, PushIt (Exorcism), Florid, Rage of The Machine (featuring Afrika Islam), What?, I Am The Beat, Beautiful, Indonesia Sparkle, Singularity. BONUS TRACK: Deep Dance (the extended mix of Deep Inside) It is released January 27 at all major worldwide music stores including Amazon and iTunes.
WASABI BYTES are Grahame Lynch (Loops, samples, keyboards, vox) and Ratchsak “Kob” Rueangchai (Percussion). Vocals on Rage of the Machine by Afrika Islam. Produced by Grahame Lynch. All tracks mixed by Grahame Lynch and mastered by Andy Miles except PushIt mastered by Simon Heyworth. Heyworth is best remembered as the producer of Mike Oldfield’s Tublular Bells.

Barbara Kiss – The magical Magyar

February 4, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Barbara KissAmbition is no bad thing in pop music. And Hungarian singer-songwriter sensation Barbara Kiss has it in spades.

For Kiss, that ambition means becoming her small country’s first international pop star. With the recent release of her incredible debut album, she is well on the way to achieving her dream. And much, much more.

The 12-track record, ‘From Me to You’, is one of the most accomplished, fresh and original albums you are ever likely to hear. Part autobiographical, it is a record packed with songs that are both personal and universal.

Unlike many aspiring starlets, Kiss penned the majority of the songs on ‘From Me to You’, writing music and lyrics on five of the 12, and the lyrics on a further four. It should be no surprise that she describes the album as “a piece of who I am”.

It is also, in many ways, a product of where she comes from. Kiss’s Eastern European heritage shines through on a number of the tracks. It is the combination of catchy, modern pop riffs with the more melancholic laments of her homeland that makes Kiss’s debut album so new, so exciting.

More than four years in the making, ‘From Me to You’ is a collection of Kiss’s finest work to date over her nascent career. In that time she has worked with some of the world’s best songwriters, producers and engineers, including Marcus Nand, Chris Wonzer and Kristian Nord.

Their influence and guiding hand can be felt on several of the cuts on this record. While her collaboration with rapper Ill Scorsese has produced two of its finest moments in the shape of ‘Sleepimg Beauty’ and ‘On The Dancefloor’. The video for the former has already proved an internet sensation, garnering more than 23,000 views.

But that’s just the start for Kiss. A tour supporting the release of the album is already in the pipeline. And soon after, the world will know the name of Barbara Kiss – the girl who put Hungarian music on the map.

Mod Fiction Alternative Rock Band

October 24, 2013 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Mod FictionMod Fiction is an alternative rock band formed in upstate New York in 2011.Their music draws influence from early 90′s alternative rock, 60′s pop/garage rock, and 70′s punk rock, as well as some folk, blues, and jazz influences. Songs are made up of fuzzed and jangly guitar sounds, haunting bass lines, relentless drumming and groggy, catchy melodies. They released their debut LP “Come Back Down” in the summer of 2012. Followed by the EP “Hoax” in June 2013.

As of June 2013, Both albums will be available on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.


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