Dion Pride the son of Legendary Country Music Hall of Famer, Charley Pride Takes The Stage for Disabled Children

November 19, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

Dion PrideOn Nov. 15th, 2014 The City of Woodward Okla. showed how big a heart it has. This town came alive with events from a Bake Sale for a family who lost their home to a fire, to a Benefit for a local man who was in a motor cycle accident, to a concert with Dion Pride to benefit a handicap park.

Our town is growing fast with new people moving in daily. With more children we need safe places for them to play. We also need a safe place
for disabled children to play and enjoy life. Just because a child is disabled shouldn’t mean they have to set back and watch others play. They
want to have fun too. The Dion Pride concert helped raise money to make Centennial Park at 8th and Texas adapted for disabled children of our community. It was amazing to see so many pull together to do something special for our children. Places like Woodward Main Street, Woodward Arts Theater, Waffle Woodward Team, Kiss On Entertainment, Modern Appliance, QB Resources LLC, The Village Mall, Tax Escobedo, McKay Ford, BK Liquor, Great White, MS Construction, La Quinta Inn and many many more.

Dion PrideThe show started out with a group from Tulsa, Okla. Miles Williams and Hammer Down. They are a wonderful group that has won audiences across the Mid West and Southern regions. These guys are great, if they don’t win you with their music they will for sure win you over with their personality. Miles music has a good up beat rhythm that keeps you tapping your toes and dancing in your seat. Miles Williams has a passion for the music he sings that hopefully will someday take him to the top. He has a heavy emphasis on lyrics with storytelling mixed with real life experiences to transcend the music to symbiotic relationship between him and his listeners. After listening and attending one of his shows you will walk away a life-long fan and a friend for life.

Next up was our Star performer Mr. Dion Pride the son of legendary Country Music Hall of Famer, Charley Pride. Dion Pride started singing and playing the guitar at the age of 5.He began five years of classical and modern piano when he was 8 years old, drums at 10, bass at 12 and started performing at the age of 14. Dion played lead guitar for his dad and entertained our troops on USO tours in Panama, Honduras, Guantanamo Bay and the Island of Antigua. He has sung and performed for audiences around the world in countries like England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and all the Continental United States. Dion treats his fans as friends. Laughing and joking and hugs for everyone. Dion Pride is also a song writer and multi talented instrumentalist. One of his songs “I Miss My Home” was recorded by his Father. This song is often performed by both Dion and Charley Pride together. Even though he sings a lot of his Dad’s songs he has a style all his own.

Miles WilliamsDion sat on stage and sang alone and also with local children. It is not hard to see this man has a great love for children. At one point in the show a little girl wanted to sing Jingle Bells, Mr. Pride asks her to sing with him on stage. When listening to him perform it is so easy to feel his love for music and his fans. After his show was over Mr. Pride stood around with a small group of us as if we had been friends forever. He is a very well mannered person who has respect for everyone around him. Dion Pride along with Miles Williams and Hammer Down brought a wonderful show to Woodward Okla. and helped to earn the first of the money needed to make Centennial Park a place where disabled children no longer have to set back and watch others play,, it will let them feel like they can be apart of a world only know to others.

THORAMAY On The Road To Success

November 18, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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ThoramayBio :

THORAMAY originally was formed in 2009. They we’re on the road to success when things took a turn. Thoramay’s lead singer May Sullivan, spent almost 2 years in and out of the hospital having undergone several surgeries due to a major health scare caused by a Pituitary Tumor.

Music along with the help of loved ones is what kept her strong and motivated to continue to strive. Having faced her own mortality, Thoramay shortly went dark for a few months and was resurrected in Nov. of 2011 with their first new member Lead Guitarist Tony Touchette.

After searching for the right chemistry they found Rhythm Guitarist Steve Daniels, Bass Player Chuck Loyer, and Randy on Drums. Thoramay is back with a vengeance and ready to move forward. The band is currently working on new material reflecting what Thoramay is all about. Bringing a heavier, eadgier, yet melodic sound.

Her lyrics are raw and from the heart. Their hope is to make an impact in someones life and give the listener something they can relate to. Having faced life altering events in their own lives, music became a source of healing for it’s members.

They are gearing up for their 2012 Southern California “Love and Hate Tour” and working on their new CD Album Release. Stay tuned for upcoming shows and events!


November 17, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Better ChemistryThose are just a few words to describe the band, Better Chemistry, who have been overwhelming audiences since 2001 with their propulsive brew of reggae, ska, funk and rock. The band’s positive vibe and “let the good times roll” approach has won them a devoted following and a career’s worth of accomplishments. You might have heard their music during a Lakers game on Fox Sports Net (“Sunday Night, Lakers Night” and “Purple and Gold”), or on the radio (KROQ 106.7 FM, Los Angeles, KISS FM London). However, the real experience is their live performances. Looking ahead, Better Chemistry has their fourth album release coming in 2013.

The band’s story started at the Bulldog Pub in Upland, CA at an open-mic night where the band’s members first met in 2001. Discovering a common group of influences (Bob Marley, Toots, Dennis Brown, The Clash, The Specials, Sublime) the band came together and quickly built up an impressive resume, opening the stage for BB King, UB40, Steel Pulse, Aggrolites, Third World, Berlin, Average White Band, War and recording and performing with Pato Banton, Chali 2na, Tippa Irie, Shinehead and Papa Michigan from “Michigan and Smiley” Studio One artist . Better Chemistry has written and produced tracks for Fox Sports Net that gained national airtime. “Frozen in Your Tracks” aired on January 27, 2007 during the Los Angeles Kings game. “Purple and Gold” was aired during the 2008 NBA Western Conference Championship and “Sunday Night, Lakers Night” ran multiple times during the 2009 – 2011 seasons.

6 Foot Shorty, released in 2007, was a step in the band’s evolution, showcasing their growth and development as songwriters and players, while hewing to the warmth and positivity that has been the hallmark of their sound since they began. Adding to the flavor and variety, you will hear Pato Banton on the track “2 Steps Back” and the Hip Hop/Dance Hall styles of Chali 2na and Tippa Irie on “6 Foot Shorty”. The song “MCII” is licensed to Yamaha Motor Sports for an ad campaign featuring professional motocross riders on the Yamaha team. The self titled EP, Better Chemistry, is when the band opened the path to roots music, encompassing the traditions of Ska, and really started to blend genres. The cover song of Peter Tosh’s “Ketchy Shuby” was selected for the Peter Tosh Tribute Album that featured The Jerry Garcia Band, Edi Fitzroy, Andrew Tosh and Daddy Roots, released in 2005. The debut album from 2001, Undiscovered Elements, is when the band realized there was something magical that was happening. The 12 original tracks were recorded live in a garage after 6 weeks of coming together.

Casey Watt Country Artist

November 17, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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CASEY WATTCasey Watt is an exciting new artist on the rise ! With sultry tones and award winning songwriting skills this young performer has the ability to melt hearts or get the crowd rockin’ !

Already with two top ten radio hits from her critically acclaimed Debut album “Lead You Astray,” under her belt she is forging her way towards a long and successful Country Music Career.

Most recently Casey was named the Capital News Rising Star Female at the Southern Stars Independent Country Music Awards held during the Mildura Country Music Festival.

2007 has been an extremely profitable year for Casey winning a Vocal Collaboration TIARA (Tamworth Independent Artist Recognition Award) for the duet “If I Needed You,” recorded with renowned Brisbane artist Brendan Radford.  Lead You Astray was also awarded Independent Album of the Year at the Horsham Country Music Awards.  A Nomination for the Golden Saddle Awards and 2nd place in the Country Section of the Australian National Songwriting Contest with her self penned song “Close the Door” has made the Takamine Guitar Endorsee an artist to watch out for.

Other Achievements

* A graduate of the Australian College of Country Music 2001

* 2 time Star Maker Grad finalist 2002, 2003

* 3 times Female Club Entertainer of the Year for South East Queensland , 2003, 2004, 2005

Rachel Lynn Sebastian

November 17, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Rachel Lynn SebastianAn artist like Sebastian is clearly determined to stay true to her own personal sound — one she feels has reached a pinnacle with this new material. She doesn’t strive to achieve anyone else’s mold, which is apparent in her remarkably versatile voice that allows her to transcend genres effortlessly. One moment, she’s making your heart race with a take-no-prisoners approach to a slice of driving, R&B-tinged pop. The next, she’s melting your heart with a soul-inspired ballad. Sebastian is even has the capability to carry a down-and-dirty, loud rocker. The fact that her vocal delivery has been compared to both the soulful croon of Annie Lennox and to the legendary wail of Janis Joplin is a testament to her impressive adaptability. 

Raven Heart is a unique pop offering from a singer/songwriter who has roots in Oregon. Her music is hard to put in a generalized category or genre, but she does manage to incorporate elements of indie, rock, folk, and even electronic pop parallel to pop-rock the 90’s. No doubt inspiration comes from daily emotive impressions including a bumper-sticker, scribbles on a wall, signs of various purposes and from the Pacific North West.

As the evocative and imaginative pulse is brought forth as I played her music it reminded me of music derived from elements of all things pop. With all 12 songs performed by Sebastian and her band there’s no questioning any musical credibility here which is established right from the beginning of track 1 “Happy.” Sebastian has a great voice that flutters like a butterfly. The Instrumentation features standard alt rock delivery with a touch of classical with things like electronic/chill/dub overtones. I will add she is not an amateur surrounded but a professional team/band and production team, we’ve all heard our fair share of that recently. Sebastian deserves credit for being a good singer, and superb entertainer.

As the CD unwinds the first few tracks: “Happy”, “Never Enough” and “Crazy, Crazy, Crazy” open the door slowly while effortlessly flowing into a strong collection of 12 songs. Her musical style features a skillful combination of alternative rock, singer/songwriter-esque pop very inviting to the ears. Once again her music reminds me of pop popular in the 90’s – which is not necessarily a bad thing. Other pieces “It’s Me”, “Oh, Spirit” and “Sunday Night Fever” command a strong sense of musical cohesion from Sebastian and her line-up of players. Right away I can hear vocal comparables to Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, Birdy, Lana Del Ray, and Digby. You will note Katy Perry and Brittany Spears are not mentioned here – lol. Since were on the subject I can also hear traces of Annie Lennox, Florence & The Machine, Pink, Kate Bush, Christina Aguilera, Jill Sobule and The Veronicas to Jem.

The CD as a whole provides a well choreographed musical experience with Sebastian in the forefront. I’ve never heard an artist so skillfully combine so many styles of music into one CD. Sebastian holds her own within each style flawlessly. This is not easy to do. All tracks to me are thoughtful and a stellar performance-driven pop that are wonderfully powerful in nature.

“Raven Heart” by Rachel Lynn Sebastian is an incredibly fluid musical statement from beginning to end. It provides brilliant artistic vision from an amazing singer and subsequent musical visionary that’s deserving of far wider recognition than this review. Weather you like electronic pop, alternative rock sensibilities rest assured Rachel Lynn Sebastian is making her presence known in an otherwise commercial myriad of soulless clutter. Perfect pacing, intriguing compositions and a stellar voice have her scoring big here with me! If this release slipped past you then take you may want take notice – music linked below

by Chase Norton

Bloody Beetroots

November 17, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

Bloody Beetroots| Website | Facebook |

Bloody Beetroots is Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the Italian producer and photographer born the same year as punk rock, a fact emphatically made clear by the “1977″ tattooed across his chest.

In fact, that tattoo is about the most identifying public feature of Rifo, whose penchant for wearing masks (see other cultural phenomena from Underground Resistance to “V is for Vendetta”) seems to be a declaration of ominous anonymity that defers the spotlight to his long list of productions, projects, films, art, manifestoes and musical incarnations emanating from his Bloody Beetroots production epicenter: Bloody Beetroots DJ set where the decks-manning Rifo is joined by FX man Tommy Tea; Bloody Beetroots Deathcrew 77, his “electro-punk” band with drummer Battle and Tea capable of turning a gig for thousands of fans into a political rally/empowerment seminar, and in his forthcoming embodiment, Church of Noise, which is nothing short of a “cultural-musical movement,” as Rifo calls it, with Dennis Lyxzen of Swedish hardcore punk-pioneers Refused and The (International) Noise Conspiracy.

Bloody Beetroots has always been an anomaly amidst the cocooned trends and coddled pedigrees of dance music. After fits and starts in Italian garage-punk bands, Rifo launched Bloody Beetroots in 2007. Over the next three years, he would win the support of electro house heavyweights Etienne de Crecy and Alex Gopher in Europe, and Dim Mak’s Steve Aoki stateside, with each production more elaborate and ambitious than the last.

From the start, Bloody Beetroots was capable of synergizing sonics and sensibilities from The Damned to Debussy, the anthemic wistfulness of new wave and primal screams of hardcore punk, into remarkably actualized efforts that became platforms for larger socio-political historiography and cultural histrionics: the homage to Italian Futurism of “Rombo,” the cinematic soundtrack to Nazi resistance (and you thought it was just dance music) that is “Domino”–the striking black and white video for which features Rifo using only a book as weapon, and the kick drum pattern, in an irony too rich to ignore, recalling New Order’s “Blue Monday.” Then there’s the sci-fi fantasy anarchism of writer Michael Moorcock in “Cornelius” and the Trekkie techie nerd joy of smearing sounds that is simply, cerebellum-meltingly “Warp.” Clearly on Rifo’s watch, anything’s not only possible–but from the sheer vastness of sounds and media that have materialized–probable as well. From one-man studio production to full band live show with Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77, dance tracks to films, photography, fashion and socio-political activism are all encompassed.

“Electronic dance music is the bridge that spans my musical influences,” explains Rifo. “My intention was to use the energy of punk to give it a devastating new form–one that embraces different universes of sound, the ordered chaos that I live every day, the unique shape that every thought should have.” This “ordered chaos” has resulted in much more than music on many levels. This isn’t dance music as hedonistic escape, he says, this is shared adrenaline as catalyst and call to action. Free your ass and your mind will follow, to flip a Funkadelicism.

“The music is meant to inspire, to dream and to give a reason of strength, but it also has the power to bring people together forever. And that’s why I try every day to give my audience a full view. Photography, music, fashion, icons and world history. There are many levels of communication.”

It’s this communication he is confident that can spark thought and action in listener’s lives, because similar experiences have in his. “My life is about growth, development, art and courageous actions. I firmly believe that life is made of this,” Rifo continues. “I’ve spent a lot of time over the last four years with anarchic subcultures–musical, artistic, political–and I saw in the eyes of the people the desire to reverse the situation. Anarchy, to me, is a way to free ourselves from the bite of our time. I use a multi-disciplinary action to make people free.”

Rifo clearly wants people to have more than just a good time, he wants them to re-imagine their whole world and start a new one. “I see no real revolution of our time. For years the underground world has tried to fight the rival ‘normal’ world. It’s time to create a parallel one. If we can’t fight the system, we must learn to benefit from it to build something new.”

Hence, Church of Noise, Rifo’s inaugural collaboration with Sweden’s Dennis Lyxzen (Refused/The (International) Noise Conspiracy). “Dennis and I have decided to break the mental barriers and we are here today to fight together,” he explains. Of their otherwise unlikely pairng he says, “There are many common ideas between Romborama [his debut album] and The Shape Of Punk To Come [Refused’s seminal album]. Both are primarily inspired by the anarchism of Malatesta.”

You don’t have to know your anarchist history to get what Church of Noise is about: faith and frequencies, the familiar and the ferocious, and most of all, freedom. With its siren-call of bittersweet strings waving like morning-after battle flags as well as the raw, chugging live bass and guitar-shards framing vocals that alternate between adrenal caterwaul and spoken-word break-downs (“…It only takes a sound to change the beaten path/It only takes love and courage to take it all back”…), Church of Noise is the most ambitious Bloody Beetroots recording to date.

Truly as Rifo’s calls it, “a cultural/musical movement.” From its manifesto (yes, manifesto): “Church of Noise is a congregation of lovers, fighters, sinners, artists, misfits, outcasts, losers and weirdos. In other words, normal, irrational, angry, happy, fucked-up people,” it says, sounding as much like an apocalyptic cult or maybe even an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, very lower-case catholic and all-embracing but also something very positive and looking forward.

“My whole life has been determined and shaped by the people I’ve looked up and the people that have supported me,” says Rifo. “Bloody Beetroots and Church of Noise is something I owe to people to potentially be as important to them as things that influenced me to make the choices and live as freely as I have.” Mindless techno bollocks this ain’t. Enjoy.

Akasa Delivers Her Mysterious Vocalizations and Songs

June 8, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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AkasaAkasa is a  singer,  songwriter, performance artist and conceptualist of positive-message music videos. Her cross genre music contains the fusion of Rock, Pop, World, New Age, Jazz and Classical music. She brings many of these talents together on her latest recording, Portal. “My sonic vision is to serve as a bridge between all of the world’s cultures, to show the beauty of our diversity, and to help promote a greater awareness of our similarities,” says Akasa. “I want to do what I can to help the world heal and inspire our society of human-beings in reaching its full creative potential.” Akasa works toward these heroic goals in subtle ways using gentle music,visually-interesting story-line videos, and lyrics sung in a variety of languages (including Latin, Native American, English and her own original Akashic language). Akasa’s vocalizations are ethereal, mystical and enchanting.  Her music was inspired by her life experiences in exploring the depth of the individual psyche and finding the meaning and possibility in human experiences. In some of her songs, she used her imagination to paint a sonic journey into the cosmos and the unknown realm.

Akasa’s music contains authentic emotional expressions and multicultural elements. There are sounds for healing, expanded consciousness and transformation. “The main message in my music,” Akasa explains, “is encouraging everyone to set their inner spirit free, discover their own unique gifts, and become a creative force making a better world. I also believe in using love and compassion as the means for helping people understand their past, , heal their psychic wounds and begin recognizing and transforming any negative emotional patterns.”

Akasa writes the lyrics and vocalizations as well as much of the music. She is assisted in composing and creating the music by keyboardists and co-producers Morris Hayes (Prince, Chaka Kahn, Martika, George Clinton), Nick Michaels (Pete Townsend, Robert Calvert of Hawkwind, Tara London), Aaron Michael Stern (Jon Anderson of Yes, Tin Soldier, Charles Castronovo) and Andre Mieus (Steven Lee, and a CD titled The Tempered Klavier). Special guests Bill Scott plays guitar on “Let Us Be” and Shenkar (Shakti, Frank Zappa, Sting, Yoko Ono) bows viola and sings backing vocals on “Sky Children.”
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