Pop Artist Max Valley

October 5, 2015 in Featured Artist by Indie Artist Radio

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2049-MaxValley-IWTLYEMax started composing and recording at the age of 10 using instruments such as the flute, harmonica and a drum set made out of plastic and cardboard boxes.

He then followed with music lessons for instruments such as the drums, piano, guitar, bass and voice.

In 1998 he created the website maxsongsclub.com where he would record one new original song or piece every 2 weeks made available for download.

He then became in 1999 and for several years a percussionist for the West-Island Youth Symphony Orchestra performing in the Montreal area in Quebec (Canada), in the province of Ontario and in France;

In 2001 he arranged and played the synth on Philish’s song “Grilled cheese” which got into CIBL’s French Top 40 in Montreal;

As a drummer he then formed a band with Philish called “Philish et ses pantoufles” performing in many clubs and festivals. A CD was recorded in 2003 for which many tracks played on the CIBL and CISM FM radio stations in Montreal.

Since the band’s split in 2005 Max continues in solo under different artist names making several internet mp3 albums.

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Classical Pianist in the Soviet Union Yelena Eckemoff

January 22, 2015 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Yelena EckemoffPianist/composer Yelena Eckemoff entered the artistic world as a young classical pianist in the Soviet Union. Having studied both classical and jazz, she has performed in concert halls and with experimental jazz/rock ensembles. She left the Soviet Union and has been living the USA since 1991, where she developed a discography as an independent recording artist. Over the course of years, she has produced a number of recordings of her original, arranged, and classical music under the independent label, L & H Production. Her original music has been acclaimed as intelligent, reflective, sometimes dark and edgy, diverse and sentimentality-free romantic. It is rooted in the modern classical approach, much influenced by jazz and world music.

“Million Out of Me” Single By Ransom and the Subset

January 21, 2015 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Ransom and the SubsetRanDair Porter (vox,guitar), Rene Giust (bass,vox), and Patrick Coy (drums,vox).

Ransom and the Subset is an American alternative rock band based in Seattle, Washington. With a refreshing pop-rock sound, their music is clearly driven by strong melodies and well-crafted arrangements. Along with infectious hooks and witty, insightful lyricism, Ransom and the Subset delivers a dynamic blend of power pop from decades past along with a strong element of modern rock.

Ransom and the Subset is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/guitarist RanDair Porter. Heavily stocked with self-made demos, Porter sought out and engaged with the talent of producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian E. King (OranJuly and Parks) and Grammy-winning engineer/mixer Ducky Carlisle. The team of three collaborated to create their debut album No Time to Lose

Over the course of a year, Porter flew to Boston to work with King and Carlisle on the album, making a stop in NYC where he worked with Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne) as well. The famed artist contributed both guitar and bass guitar to the track “Sticking Onto You”. Intermixed with many flights across the country, Porter also sought out collaboration at home in Seattle. Luck and perseverance served in his favor, as he garnered the talent of great Seattle musicians like Jon Memolo, Mike Musburger (formerly of the Posies) on drums and Mike Squires (formerly with Harvey Danger) on bass guitar, providing the driving rhythm section for “Leaving With You”

New Country Matt VanFossen

January 21, 2015 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Matt VanFossenImagine the rush of performing your new single to more than 80,000 country music fans on the main stage at ‘Jamboree In The Hills’, one of the top music festivals in the country. Afterwards, you might exchange niceties with superstar Tim McGraw before he goes on stage to rock the crowd. Ohio native Matt VanFossen doesn’t have to imagine because this is his new reality.

With the release of his new EP, “BOOM,” VanFossen is taking his career to exciting new levels. The hard driving title track is the first single and has already become a fan favorite. It recently won West Virginia-based radio station 97.9 WKKW’s fan-voted “Smackdown” for the maximum of four days straight, beating out new singles from artists such as Dolly Parton and Colt Ford.

“I feel like I’m growing into the artist that I’m meant to be. In doing so, I’ve realized that up-tempo songs are fun,” he says. “When the audience hears the music start for ‘BOOM,’ everybody’s ready. I think it’s the hook of the song and the driving music. It demands your attention.”

The EP follows the breakout success of 2012’s full-length “I Didn’t Come Here to Lose.” Two singles from the album (“Almost Stopped Dreaming” and “This Time Around”) managed to break the Top 100 on the Mediabase country charts. A third single, “A Woman’s Words,” was listed as one of the Top 25 fan-voted songs on Nashville-based Internet radio station NIXA. In addition, his ‘Jamboree’ performances were broadcasted to TV viewers across the Ohio Valley and he received coverage on local newscasts.

The success of the album eventually allowed VanFossen to get a high profile booking at Nashville’s legendary Douglas Corner Cafe, a renowned venue for both emerging and established songwriters/performers.

“It was a surreal experience to be in a room full of tourists and peers in Nashville. Then, to be singing my music in-the-round with three other artists was unbelievable,” he says. “To have all the talent there recognize me for my voice was just killer. They all thought I was from there. I’ll never forget that.”

During his short career, VanFossen has shared the stage with national recording artists including David Nail, Craig Campbell, Brooks & Dunn, and more.
In 2013, he was asked to become one of the main stage artists at the Ohio-based ‘Jamboree in the Hills’ festival. For the past two years, he has opened up for the likes of Neal McCoy, Aaron Tippin, and The Oak Ridge Boys.

The newly released “BOOM” EP aims to cement his status as a hit-maker with a voice that grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Mike Ofca produced the project at Innovation Studios in Steuvenville, Ohio.

“Mike has this way of turning everything into ear candy. He pays attention to the details and is always listening to see what to add to it to make the song better than it already is,” VanFossen says.

The EP is available at all digital outlets and is distributed by TuneCore. It contains five songs, including “She’s Just Like That” and the feisty “Close If It Ain’t It.” VanFossen says “She’s Just Like That” is his favorite on the project and the song helped him realize the album’s theme.

“The ‘BOOM’ EP is all about the expression of intense feelings. I was listening to “She’s Just Like That” in the car today and thought to myself, ‘you never hear a song from a male artist that talks about love in such an extreme way’ … ,” he says. “The song is a way for a guy to say how intense his love is. It gets your attention but in a different way than ‘BOOM.’ It’s like a summer breeze.”

Fans can also expect to hear more about the relationship he sang about on the emotional “Leave Me” from the last album. While “Leave Me” was about a deteriorating relationship that no one had the guts to end, the musical sequel is more of a hopeful coda. “Get To You” picks up the story after the girl is gone and the guy is forced to move on.

“I remember hearing the song and thinking ‘I know there’s somebody out there that will relate’ … ,” he says. “It was the last song we cut vocals on and I thought to myself, ‘put yourself in the place of what you would be like if you found somebody that finally made you forget all the pain and suffering you’ve been through in your life.’”

Then tragedy struck just as his career began to take off. VanFossen’s beloved mother Dot passed away suddenly due to a stroke. Her death was jolting and almost caused him to give up on his dreams. He recalls feeling broken after leaving the hospital and contemplating the end to his career. “ … But then I turned on the radio and my song was playing. Then, I knew in my heart that was a sign from Mom to keep doing this,” he says.

Fast forward to 2014 and VanFossen is revisiting his signature song with a newly recorded version created especially for “BOOM.” He calls the track the centerpiece of his music.

“It was the first song that I had on the radio and the only song my mom and I heard on the radio together. It’s a timeless song and I feel now at 30, I’ve lived so much life. I feel like every step of the way, it becomes more of my signature song,” he says. “Now’s the time to bring out a song like this into the world. Everybody’s reminiscing about when life was simple. It’s a way of remembering your innocence.”

Whether he’s performing a hard driving rocker such as “BOOM” or a heartbreaking ballad like “Get To You,” VanFossen’s live shows are not to be missed. His voice is often compared to artists such as Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts, and Blake Shelton. Not bad company for an artist that continues to forge his own path as an independent artist.

“I want people to know that I am a genuine, driven, hard working artist that cares about them and wants to interact,”

Alternative Rock Belle Jewel Powerful

January 15, 2015 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Belle Jewel, is a young indie/alternative singer/songwriter with a very distinct sound that is all her own.

“Wonderful fresh new talent. Great voice and interpretation of a charming, original song. Belle, you have a bright future.” –Connie L.

“She has a very soothing voice.” – Ruth B.

“You have such a wonderful voice! You keep doing what your doing! You are an amazing singer.” – Lauryn L.

“I love watching you grow and develop your talent. Your voice is so clear and your pitch is right on.” – Aria L.

“Very talented, cool sound!” – Sharon G.


Artist Jon Martin

December 29, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Jon MartinJon Martin born as Michele Lorefice (Serrinha Bahia, Brazil, 29 September 1983) is an Italian dj, songwriter, singer and record producer of pop and house music.


Jon Martin is an Italo-Brazilian born of a Brazilian woman and an European Italian man after birth he was adopted by an Italian family and grew up and lives in Rome, Italy. Inspired by the American rap and urban scene in 2006 he created the rap project “MC Double Project” or “MC DP”. Lives for two summers in Birmingham and London.

From a young age made up the first loops and beats with the first samplers as Akai MPC60, Korg Electribe R and analog synthesizers such as Yamaha, Nord Keyboards, Juno-60. So he spends most of his years to refine and improve his techniques of composition between samplers, analog instruments and only later the use of VST and Software. In 2005 he created his own independent label JMS Entertainment abbreviation of Jon Martin Studios Entertainment. In 2014, working on his Radio Show “The Evolution of Love”.

The father was born in Sicily and his mother in northern Italy, but both moved to Rome. The father formed the group “I Fauini”in 1966 and then dissolved. “I Fauni” a group that took part in a competition held by the magazine “TV Sorrisi e Canzoni” in the city of Rapallo (Genoa) coming in second place. Performance to Hotel in Anguillara Etruschi (Lake Bracciano). They have done concerts / performances in local and entertainment square in Lazio.

Jon Martin relative of Tullio Romano talent/scout who launched Fausto Leali and worked with Caterina Caselli and former member of the group “Los Marcellos Ferial” famous group of the 60 their successes “Sei diventata nera” “Quando Calienta el Sol” “La Casa del Sole”(Mogol, Pallavicini and V-Price) and others.

Dion Pride the son of Legendary Country Music Hall of Famer, Charley Pride Takes The Stage for Disabled Children

November 19, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

Dion PrideOn Nov. 15th, 2014 The City of Woodward Okla. showed how big a heart it has. This town came alive with events from a Bake Sale for a family who lost their home to a fire, to a Benefit for a local man who was in a motor cycle accident, to a concert with Dion Pride to benefit a handicap park.

Our town is growing fast with new people moving in daily. With more children we need safe places for them to play. We also need a safe place
for disabled children to play and enjoy life. Just because a child is disabled shouldn’t mean they have to set back and watch others play. They
want to have fun too. The Dion Pride concert helped raise money to make Centennial Park at 8th and Texas adapted for disabled children of our community. It was amazing to see so many pull together to do something special for our children. Places like Woodward Main Street, Woodward Arts Theater, Waffle Woodward Team, Kiss On Entertainment, Modern Appliance, QB Resources LLC, The Village Mall, Tax Escobedo, McKay Ford, BK Liquor, Great White, MS Construction, La Quinta Inn and many many more.

Dion PrideThe show started out with a group from Tulsa, Okla. Miles Williams and Hammer Down. They are a wonderful group that has won audiences across the Mid West and Southern regions. These guys are great, if they don’t win you with their music they will for sure win you over with their personality. Miles music has a good up beat rhythm that keeps you tapping your toes and dancing in your seat. Miles Williams has a passion for the music he sings that hopefully will someday take him to the top. He has a heavy emphasis on lyrics with storytelling mixed with real life experiences to transcend the music to symbiotic relationship between him and his listeners. After listening and attending one of his shows you will walk away a life-long fan and a friend for life.

Next up was our Star performer Mr. Dion Pride the son of legendary Country Music Hall of Famer, Charley Pride. Dion Pride started singing and playing the guitar at the age of 5.He began five years of classical and modern piano when he was 8 years old, drums at 10, bass at 12 and started performing at the age of 14. Dion played lead guitar for his dad and entertained our troops on USO tours in Panama, Honduras, Guantanamo Bay and the Island of Antigua. He has sung and performed for audiences around the world in countries like England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and all the Continental United States. Dion treats his fans as friends. Laughing and joking and hugs for everyone. Dion Pride is also a song writer and multi talented instrumentalist. One of his songs “I Miss My Home” was recorded by his Father. This song is often performed by both Dion and Charley Pride together. Even though he sings a lot of his Dad’s songs he has a style all his own.

Miles WilliamsDion sat on stage and sang alone and also with local children. It is not hard to see this man has a great love for children. At one point in the show a little girl wanted to sing Jingle Bells, Mr. Pride asks her to sing with him on stage. When listening to him perform it is so easy to feel his love for music and his fans. After his show was over Mr. Pride stood around with a small group of us as if we had been friends forever. He is a very well mannered person who has respect for everyone around him. Dion Pride along with Miles Williams and Hammer Down brought a wonderful show to Woodward Okla. and helped to earn the first of the money needed to make Centennial Park a place where disabled children no longer have to set back and watch others play,, it will let them feel like they can be apart of a world only know to others.


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