Plunky & Oneness Release New R&B Hip-hop Jazz Album

February 4, 2014 in News

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Plunky & OnenessPlunky & Oneness Never Too Late CD – Not Your Daddy’s Smooth Jazz (Or Your Son’s Hip-hop)

With Never Too Late, the new album by Plunky & Oneness, the father-son production team, J. Plunky Branch and J. “Fire” Branch, travel together through space and time.

Together they create a provocative music-sphere of past and future funk and hip-hop jazz. Fire uses samples of some of his father’s recordings from the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, then chops, dices and splices them with hot new beats to create the tracks for Plunky’s lyrics and saxophone.

The Never Too Late album is chockfull of outrageous and contagious love songs and message music. It is not straight R&B nor straight ahead jazz, and it is certainly not street rap, but using elements of all of the above, the album creates a sonic landscape that spans a wide swath of urban music. The ambitious 16-song collection includes neo-soul, nu-jazz, and hip-hop songs about fantasy, wisdom and purposeful partying. With this album Plunky & Oneness prove that eclecticism is no vice and variety can be its own reward.

Funk is grown folks’ music. Fused with hip-hop, it can be music that delivers the word. On Never Too Late Plunky plays the role of the OG, the “Original Griot”, using lyrics to drop knowledge and to encourage and inspire. He is the “Old Guru” who spits, spouts, and speaks on philosophies of love and life, and advocates getting funky with it. The songs, riding on waves of urban rhythms, live music and deejay effects, convey lessons learned, urging us to “Be About the Future” while feeling our “Tribal Vibe” and acknowledging “We are One.”

Never Too Late, Plunky’s 25th album, is primarily new and original music; however there are two cover songs and a bonus track in the collection. The album’s first single, John Legend’s “Tonight (Best You Ever Had),” is a saxophone-led go-go instrumental with sexy female vocal hooks. Frankie Beverly’s classic, “We Are One,” also rendered as a sax and vocals combo, is still a soulful call to unifying love. The bonus track, “Tableau Noir,” is collaboration with famed French rapper, Akhenaton of the IAM Band. It is a rap song about dark times in the world being like images on a blackboard which can be erased.

The core Oneness group members breathe life into the music on the album. The sultry and soulful Charlayne “Chyp” Green is featured on vocals throughout. Young, VA-based musicians, keyboardist, J. L. Harris and guitarist, Jose Pomier, create shimmering, melodic tonal centers within the grooves. Bassist P. Muzi Branch, Plunky’s brother and long-time collaborator, is still thumping and pumping the bottom of the funk – in sync with Fire’s hip-hop beats and electronic percussion.

Time travel happens when rhythm meets change, when vibrations are altered and re-ordered, when generations are bridged and when memories create new visions. Never Too Late is all about timeless lessons of love and life and locomotion. And it’s even more about Plunk funk & the oneness thereof…


Barbara Kiss – The magical Magyar

February 4, 2014 in News

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Barbara KissAmbition is no bad thing in pop music. And Hungarian singer-songwriter sensation Barbara Kiss has it in spades.

For Kiss, that ambition means becoming her small country’s first international pop star. With the recent release of her incredible debut album, she is well on the way to achieving her dream. And much, much more.

The 12-track record, ‘From Me to You’, is one of the most accomplished, fresh and original albums you are ever likely to hear. Part autobiographical, it is a record packed with songs that are both personal and universal.

Unlike many aspiring starlets, Kiss penned the majority of the songs on ‘From Me to You’, writing music and lyrics on five of the 12, and the lyrics on a further four. It should be no surprise that she describes the album as “a piece of who I am”.

It is also, in many ways, a product of where she comes from. Kiss’s Eastern European heritage shines through on a number of the tracks. It is the combination of catchy, modern pop riffs with the more melancholic laments of her homeland that makes Kiss’s debut album so new, so exciting.

More than four years in the making, ‘From Me to You’ is a collection of Kiss’s finest work to date over her nascent career. In that time she has worked with some of the world’s best songwriters, producers and engineers, including Marcus Nand, Chris Wonzer and Kristian Nord.

Their influence and guiding hand can be felt on several of the cuts on this record. While her collaboration with rapper Ill Scorsese has produced two of its finest moments in the shape of ‘Sleepimg Beauty’ and ‘On The Dancefloor’. The video for the former has already proved an internet sensation, garnering more than 23,000 views.

But that’s just the start for Kiss. A tour supporting the release of the album is already in the pipeline. And soon after, the world will know the name of Barbara Kiss – the girl who put Hungarian music on the map.


February 4, 2014 in News

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Stus RollinsStus Rollins’ third album for Alien Resurrection Records is an all-out Rock & Roll guitar instrumental anthology, that reflects his influences from the past three decades of Guitar Heroes He has stripped everything back to the bare essentials in this release, in order to let the lead guitar play the major role. Each track tells a story and delivers chunk after chunk of big fat guitar sounds and bright metallic lead lines.His best playing to date, with some of the finest rock instrumental guitar music to be heard in a long time, from a solo artist.

Stus Rollins, is a Guitarist , singer , songwriter and music producer. Stus has been playing guitar since his teens, he was part of the London Rock scene in the 80s & 90s played in bands such as Generation X , Driving South, Hollywood beyond, performed with Seal and recently with Guitarist Larry Carlton. He has played on countless recordings as a session player worked with Madonna, Greg Howe, BB King and many more.

He studied at the Guitar institute in London and has been a music producer and guitar instructor for the last 15 years.
He owns and runs Starmaker studios, Lisbon & London, and is the creator of the popular Starmaker TV.. the UK’s portal for unsigned musical talent.

He is the owner of Alien Resurrection Records in the UK, a label that represents solo guitar instrumentalists and promotes young players and vocalists looking to break into music business.

Mod Fiction Alternative Rock Band

October 24, 2013 in News

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Mod FictionMod Fiction is an alternative rock band formed in upstate New York in 2011.Their music draws influence from early 90’s alternative rock, 60’s pop/garage rock, and 70’s punk rock, as well as some folk, blues, and jazz influences. Songs are made up of fuzzed and jangly guitar sounds, haunting bass lines, relentless drumming and groggy, catchy melodies. They released their debut LP “Come Back Down” in the summer of 2012. Followed by the EP “Hoax” in June 2013.

As of June 2013, Both albums will be available on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.


October 24, 2013 in News

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Surf RapIn this day and age to progress, and to achieve success as a musician, means to experiment and make music that anyone and everyone can enjoy. Stephan Cohen, artist name STEPHAN, truly embodies the modern day artist. His material transcends any preconceived genre restrictions .The ability to dissect genres and infuse sounds, rhythms, lyrics, and melodies from a plethora of musical styles in order to accomplish one single product that can be loved and received by the masses is what separates an average artist, from a superstar; based on what we have heard from STEPHAN, no one does it better than this young up and comer.

Hailing from sunny Miami Beach, one of the true melting pots of the world, STEPHAN allows his French and Colombian roots to shine through while delivering Hip Hop lyrics reminiscent of classic east coast Hip Hop. His strong ties to the ocean and Surfing are absorbed by the sounds and lyrics in his music, making for a truly unique listening experience. Over the past year STEPHAN has been hard at work, putting out four mix tapes and releasing his first official music video entitled “Surf Rap Life”. His intense productivity and commitment to his music is paying off; the first video received over 100k views in the first month alone. STEPHAN has been earning serious praise from both industry professionals and music fans alike, and his new single “PARADISE” is heralded to be one of the more influential new singles from the world of independent Hip Hop. Young, Fun, and Handsome, expect to see big things STEPHAN, who has plans to release an EP, an album, and tour nationally by the end of 2014.

Funny, Sometimes Raunchy, Indie Folk-Punk Band with Bluegrass Cover of Nine Inch Nails “Closer”

October 23, 2013 in News

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MONKEYSHORTSSeattle novelty band MONKEYSHORTS present their debut album aptly titled Day View Owl Bum featuring Nine Inch Nails “Closer” and many humorous originals now in record stores across America, on iTunes & Amazon.

MONKEYSHORTS formed with the single desire to inspire the masses with their well-produced, fun songs. The band’s catch-phrase is “Novel tunes for novel times…” Their music ranges from folk to rock, traversing through many musical genres. The sound is truly an eclectic folk-punk extravaganza of catchy tunes as the band claims. Their debut album Day View Owl Bum was recorded at the historic London Bridge Studio in Seattle and included twenty-two musicians in total. The core band members are King Masaabuu (vocals), Patter (guitar, vocals), and Patches (guitar, engineer) on Day View Owl Bum with DJ Stephen (bass, keys, beat box) playing on the record and officially joining since. Day View Owl Bum will be in record stores across America as of October 2013 and is already available on iTunes, Amazon, and, the band’s official website. Be sure to check out their cover of Nine Inch Nails “Closer” and their many clever originals with titles like “Platypus”, “Tickle My Toes”, “Dinky” and more…

Grammy nominated saxophonist Shlomi Cohen releases his debut album – Breather

October 23, 2013 in News

| Website | YouTube | Facebook | Shlomi CohenThere is a new shooter in the saxophone ranks of modern jazz and his name is Shlomi Cohen. This Tel-Aviv born saxophone phenom currently resides in the jazz Mecca that is New York City and has just released Breather. This stunning digital only recording is a contemporary post modern riff that masterfully fuses Cohen’s Middle Eastern roots with the form and functionality of improvisational music we know as jazz in the United States. Shlomi Cohen elevates what would normally be considered world music into a far more accessible place than previous artists. Cohen does an imaginative spin on his own cultural base and flips it into a hybrid that is the embodiment of blues, R&B, traditional jazz and the deceptively subtle nuances that are his Moroccan and Israeli DNA. Breather is a lyrical mosaic, colors and textures you can hear. Cohen walks a harmonic tightrope with the grace and fluidity of a Michael Brecker and the biting attack of a David Sanborn but all while demonstrating one of the most refreshing saxophone voices to come along in a decade! The transformation of this incredibly imaginative music into a new and highly evocative art form is stunning. There are artists residing in Eastern Europe that perform with a deep identifiable cultural base but you would be hard pressed to find any artist born outside of the United States that has so artistically opened up his own heritage to an entirely new audience. One listen to Breather and it would be apparent to the most discerning of fans that Shlomi Cohen is on the cutting edge, a saxophonist poised for great things and one of the rising stars of the future. Shlomi Cohen is indeed an artist whose musical stock is an arrow pointing straight up.


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