Classical Pianist in the Soviet Union Yelena Eckemoff

January 22, 2015 in News

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Yelena EckemoffPianist/composer Yelena Eckemoff entered the artistic world as a young classical pianist in the Soviet Union. Having studied both classical and jazz, she has performed in concert halls and with experimental jazz/rock ensembles. She left the Soviet Union and has been living the USA since 1991, where she developed a discography as an independent recording artist. Over the course of years, she has produced a number of recordings of her original, arranged, and classical music under the independent label, L & H Production. Her original music has been acclaimed as intelligent, reflective, sometimes dark and edgy, diverse and sentimentality-free romantic. It is rooted in the modern classical approach, much influenced by jazz and world music.

STARTR3K JONES to Release His First Single, ALIEN

February 25, 2014 in News

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STARTR3KJON3SDC’s premier rock/alternative pop/hip-hop recording artist & songwriter STARTR3K JONES will release his first single, ALIEN, from his highly anticipated debut album BEYOND, which is expected to be released in mid spring 2014. ALIEN, which will be released everywhere music is sold worldwide under independent DC-based record label Itrinity(e) Music Group, falls more on Startr3k’s hip hop spectrum and will have its listeners dancing in the club.
When asked about his inspiration behind ALIEN, Startr3k had this to say “The inspiration behind Alien came from people’s misperception of me. So many people assumed that I wouldn’t be able to produce a song like Alien, let alone execute it then keep rolling with the punches. I made Alien for all the people that underestimated me. I also gathered inspiration from people who told me to be the best at whatever I do and by being different my music harder to replicate.
A lot of artists just stick to one sound and stay in that same box.  I’m an artist; I create best with no limits and no boundaries.I want and need I have a tenacity to be different. I need my music to be a platform for real talent. I’m here to set the bar HIGHER. This is no longer an earthly issue; this has become a war in the cosmos. Dare to be different.  I did….”
”I’m taking particularly sensitive care with this project and artist Startr3k Jones.. “ says Itrinity(e)’s CEO, Dwight “Turbo” Dillard “so much so that I’m hand picking specific collaborative artists for Startr3k Jones’ new album ‘Beyond’, which is slated for release in early spring 2014 and features Fat Trel, David Correy and many more well known artists”.


September 11, 2013 in News

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HelldoradoHelldorado – Bones In The Closet
Release formats: digital / vinyl LP gatefold cover & download codes / CD digipak

Helldorado is a fantastic live band and their gigs are legendary. Combine their abilities as a live band with their natural coolness and a bunch of rocking tunes that other bands would kill for, and you have a success in the making. So get into your 65 Chevy, a few bottles of Whiskey, grab some good looking, mini-skirts wearing girls and drive through the night, waiting for what will happen.

The new album is vintage Helldorado: It oozes of sorrow, sin, sex and pain. The band evokes the burning sensation of the sun on your neck, with sand grinding between your teeth, lips thirsty for the double whiskey, churning your otherwise empty stomach with the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat drifting pass like a tumbleweed, as a shaky finger fondles the trigger of a Colt 45 under the silhouetted vultures circling the clear blue desert sky.

They draw on a strong tradition of combining blues, country, rock and hardboiled crime. Murder, prison, crime, confession, remorse and punishment runs like a dark stream from the music of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Stan Ridgeway among others. Helldorado brings this tradition into the new century by giving you the music, colours, smells and atmosphere usually connected with the image of southern USA and Mexico.

As on their previous albums Helldorado presents cinematic music inspired by Morricone and Tarrantino, epic and dramatic murder ballads, Americana, and Rock Noir with a flare for B-movies ala Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill! Horn sections are added like habanero peppers to an open wound. Under the open sky, and across hot desert landscapes, the faithless characters of Helldorado’s world burn holes in our ?


Rock of Ages Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

December 7, 2012 in News

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The soundtrack for the hit movie “Rock Of The Ages” is full of history of the eighties music, redone by many of the movie’s stars including Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julianne Hough, Alec Baldwin, Diego Boneta, and Mary J. Blige. It’s wonderful to hear what the cast has done with the music, and this is an album with songs that many will recognize, and all will thoroughly enjoy. The 20 track CD is so incredible, I’m not sure where to begin. But, let’s go with track #2, “Sister Christian /Just like Paradise /Nothin’ But a good Time” which hits hard and sets the tone of the CD, rocking hard…very hard. “I Wanna Rock”, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” are stand outs tracks, and the album also contains some refreshingly cool and mellow sounds from the ’80s like “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, performed by Zeta-Jones in a way that is quire impressive.

Zeta-Jones has a phenomenal voice and believe me, she does this song justice in a way that I’m certain Pat Benatar, would approve of. “Paradise City”, Cruise, whom I’ve never heard sing before (not seriously anyway), does a superb job as well. “Harden My Heart”, “Shadows Of The Night” are also notable.

There’s a fantastic variety for all music fans, and whether listeners are rock enthusiasts or prefer other genres, “Rock Of Ages” is guaranteed to please. “Here I Go Again” is one of my personal favorites, but this soundtrack just delivers over and over again. There are no bad cuts to be found here.

“Rock Of Ages” is very professionally done with the best and most talented musicians and producers, and will bring back many great memories and rediscoveries. I highly recommend this CD, and can’t wait to see the movie now, which I missed at the theater. Job well done!

Spaced Out Magazine Is Making Its Entrance With A Storm!

September 18, 2012 in Magazines

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Hopefully the variety of publications are ready, because Spaced Out Magazine is making its entrance with a storm! Spaced Out Mag, or SOM is a new media outlet that has presented their very 1st issue June of this year, following with a well put together website.

You can MOST definitely say that this media outlet is the NEXT Rolling Stone! Going on to their website, you can find many news stories published, artists who are on the rise and also signed/major artists. Not to mention the vast amount of videos on the website that make it pop out.

SOM is refreshing because it’s not a gossip website or publication that sends out articles about malicious and inaccurate assumptions about people in the entertainment world. All true factual things are given and insights and interviews from the celebs themselves are posted, but at the same time it is still a fun and lively publishing.

They also talk about businesses, and historical background enlightening and sparking the attention of readers.

What’s not to love about that? It’s all very exciting, fresh, and a NEW dose of what’s going on today. It’s quite fun to log on to the website as well to see your favorite artists, see fascinating first hand news and most of all not get anywhere near bored.

Many will find SOM becoming their home website as there is constantly many changes made for the better upon the website and big things in store to come. Spaced Out Magazine will be found at the local Walmart, Target, Costco, Kroger, 7-eleven, Barnes&Nobles, and MORE retail stores for its upcoming issues.

Now is definitely the time to see what all that hype is about, Spaced Out Magazine truly has went above and beyond!


July 7, 2012 in News

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Rachel Bailey aka, “Miss Rachel”, was born in was born in Bad Kruezenach, Germany to a military family. At the tender age of 3, Rachel was mesmerized by artists such as; SWV,

Mary J. Blige, and Faith Evans. The spark was lit and a lifelong journey had begun.

From her earliest memories Rachel always had an affinity and passion for music. Furthermore, music is in her blood. Her father, Greg Bailey, was an accomplished artist in Germany where he was stationed. Greg took Rachel everywhere while he performed. She observed first hand what it was like to see an actual stage performer as her father would sing before masses of people. Rachel absorbed the musical tunes of Jodeci, Nas, Boys II Men, etc. that her dad would play around the house and in the car. Her ability as a singer was noticed as early as the 3rd grade. She sang the national anthem at school and received a standing ovation. Her singing prowess coupled with her stage presence was something to behold at such a young age.

As Rachel grew into her teens her musical talent grew with her. People outside of normal circle began to notice her talent ,love for music, enthusiasm, and charisma, MissRachel possesses all of the attributes to become a successful artist. Her goal is to fulfill her lifelong dream of embarking on a musical career that will catapult her to places of notoriety.

To ensure that she fulfills this potential, Rachel has signed an exclusive management contract with music industry veteran Roney Hooks and the 26Management Team..Miss Rachel had the pleasure of performing at Raleigh Wide Open, The Peoples Festival (Wadesboro NC), Haitian Festival (Durham NC), Prevue Lounge (Charlotte NC), Yancy’s (Raleigh NC) opening for Hip Hop legend Mr. Cheeks from The Lost Boyz, Johnson C. Smith University, The Pour House (Raleigh NC), The Southland Ballroom (Raleigh NC) opening for Reggae super star Everton Blender, Total Gain (Durham NC) opening for BET’s funny man Antoine Blackman, Longbranch Entertainment Complex (Raleigh NC) opening for R&B’s newest super star, Miguel.

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Hip Hop Artist Mongoose On Tour in 2012

March 25, 2012 in News

Hip Hop artist Mongoose, has been a prominent hip hop figure in the Bay area for quite some time now, often times he reflects about where the music has taken him. Now he travels the country and performs at multiple venues. He still remembers coming up from 11th st. in Oakland, considered by many to be one of the harder streets to come from in the area. He is proud to admit that even though he has seen allot in his times growing up in Oakland, he still has a happy outlook on life, and reflected in his new album Mongoose World, he talks about his reflections as well, as his new outlook on life.

Songs like “Fly” really hits home to some of his realities growing up, and watching him do the live performance of the song is not to be missed. He currently is very active with the folks over at so you can listen to his music, and purchase it through them. In addition he is going to be attending several performances through this next month so stayed tuned to Indie Artist Radio music community for upcoming announcements to shows and events with him.


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