Soul Chatter Is A Touch of Rock

March 4, 2015 in Featured Artist

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SoulChatterSoul Chatter is roots rock, indie, folk-influenced, white soul, retro; ultimately the listener will decide what label(s) apply. We take the lyrics pretty damned seriously (at least the lyricist does) and work to create soul stirring compositions that stay with you, make you want to dig in a little. Intelligent, melodic, listenable rock songs with strong melodies, crisp guitar and rollicking keyboards. Toss in some horns and strings and plenty of heart.

Cleveland, back in the stone ages. The early 1980’s. Dark and dusty warehouses, long rehearsals, no money and trying to play only original music in a town with very few venues straying from a cover band format, especially with no local connections and certainly no pedigree. Modern music was hitting the radio. MTV had stumbled across its video format. We had real drums, a battered Wurlitzer electric piano, a couple of battle scarred amps and no ability or desire to play synth bass or a drum machine.

A band with three core members (keyboards, guitar and vocals) begins assembling original works. Ill-paid live performances, wallet-emptying studio projects and a revolving cast of support musicians straight out of The Commitments come and go. After a few years of long rehearsals, late night trips to Irv’s Deli and lots of very bad attempts at humor, the trio becomes a duo (the duo made this dubious mistake, but it has finally been rectified by the time of this writing). An ever-changing crew of characters join us for more studio sessions (whenever money other than that earmarked for rent was available) and the occasional ‘live’ performance.

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Kirk’s The R & B Zone

January 22, 2015 in News

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KIRK Guitar ThompsonKirk’s The R & B Zones Forth CD/Album Release “Let’s Bounce” is a Masterpiece of hard soul hitting songs that grab you. Just Listen to “Let This Music Take Your Mind” that is one of the song on this album CD. Kirk(Guitar)Thompson is the Producer and writer of all the music on the CD.

He has been touring over 20 years and writes music for major artist. Kirk spent his first years studying Jazz guitar with Bill Harris and Classical guitar at Sophocles pappa in Georgetown wash DC. Kirk has toured with or on the bill with New birth, kool and the gang, The Isley Brothers, The Manhattans, The Chi Lites, Stylistics, Funkadelics. Let me tell you a short story of how I became an artist. My Musical carrier all started one night when my mother took me to see a concert, we were standing in line to get tickets at the Howard Theater in Washington DC. The line was around the building and down the alley. In those days they had a line to buy a ticket and a line to get in the concert.

At 10 years old I didn’t know who James Brown was, from that day forth I would never forget the show that James brown gave that night. That show left an unbelievable Impression, To be there and see James Brown Live in his Prime, well there are no words that can explain the electricity in that theater. After that night I knew who James Brown was, that was my beginning.

You Got That Feelin took seven month to finish, he put a lot off thought in his music, a good song can take months to create and only minutes to hear. but its those few minutes that drive our emotions and make us feel good. This is a special group very talented musically and vocally, With Kirk (Guitar) Thompson outstanding performance that captivates the audience makes this group worth every bit of you’re time to see. A very polished group of musicians, a must see live. ASCAP – The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers welcomes Kirk(Guitar)Thompson as Songwriter and Composer.

New Country Matt VanFossen

January 21, 2015 in News

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Matt VanFossenImagine the rush of performing your new single to more than 80,000 country music fans on the main stage at ‘Jamboree In The Hills’, one of the top music festivals in the country. Afterwards, you might exchange niceties with superstar Tim McGraw before he goes on stage to rock the crowd. Ohio native Matt VanFossen doesn’t have to imagine because this is his new reality.

With the release of his new EP, “BOOM,” VanFossen is taking his career to exciting new levels. The hard driving title track is the first single and has already become a fan favorite. It recently won West Virginia-based radio station 97.9 WKKW’s fan-voted “Smackdown” for the maximum of four days straight, beating out new singles from artists such as Dolly Parton and Colt Ford.

“I feel like I’m growing into the artist that I’m meant to be. In doing so, I’ve realized that up-tempo songs are fun,” he says. “When the audience hears the music start for ‘BOOM,’ everybody’s ready. I think it’s the hook of the song and the driving music. It demands your attention.”

The EP follows the breakout success of 2012’s full-length “I Didn’t Come Here to Lose.” Two singles from the album (“Almost Stopped Dreaming” and “This Time Around”) managed to break the Top 100 on the Mediabase country charts. A third single, “A Woman’s Words,” was listed as one of the Top 25 fan-voted songs on Nashville-based Internet radio station NIXA. In addition, his ‘Jamboree’ performances were broadcasted to TV viewers across the Ohio Valley and he received coverage on local newscasts.

The success of the album eventually allowed VanFossen to get a high profile booking at Nashville’s legendary Douglas Corner Cafe, a renowned venue for both emerging and established songwriters/performers.

“It was a surreal experience to be in a room full of tourists and peers in Nashville. Then, to be singing my music in-the-round with three other artists was unbelievable,” he says. “To have all the talent there recognize me for my voice was just killer. They all thought I was from there. I’ll never forget that.”

During his short career, VanFossen has shared the stage with national recording artists including David Nail, Craig Campbell, Brooks & Dunn, and more.
In 2013, he was asked to become one of the main stage artists at the Ohio-based ‘Jamboree in the Hills’ festival. For the past two years, he has opened up for the likes of Neal McCoy, Aaron Tippin, and The Oak Ridge Boys.

The newly released “BOOM” EP aims to cement his status as a hit-maker with a voice that grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Mike Ofca produced the project at Innovation Studios in Steuvenville, Ohio.

“Mike has this way of turning everything into ear candy. He pays attention to the details and is always listening to see what to add to it to make the song better than it already is,” VanFossen says.

The EP is available at all digital outlets and is distributed by TuneCore. It contains five songs, including “She’s Just Like That” and the feisty “Close If It Ain’t It.” VanFossen says “She’s Just Like That” is his favorite on the project and the song helped him realize the album’s theme.

“The ‘BOOM’ EP is all about the expression of intense feelings. I was listening to “She’s Just Like That” in the car today and thought to myself, ‘you never hear a song from a male artist that talks about love in such an extreme way’ … ,” he says. “The song is a way for a guy to say how intense his love is. It gets your attention but in a different way than ‘BOOM.’ It’s like a summer breeze.”

Fans can also expect to hear more about the relationship he sang about on the emotional “Leave Me” from the last album. While “Leave Me” was about a deteriorating relationship that no one had the guts to end, the musical sequel is more of a hopeful coda. “Get To You” picks up the story after the girl is gone and the guy is forced to move on.

“I remember hearing the song and thinking ‘I know there’s somebody out there that will relate’ … ,” he says. “It was the last song we cut vocals on and I thought to myself, ‘put yourself in the place of what you would be like if you found somebody that finally made you forget all the pain and suffering you’ve been through in your life.’”

Then tragedy struck just as his career began to take off. VanFossen’s beloved mother Dot passed away suddenly due to a stroke. Her death was jolting and almost caused him to give up on his dreams. He recalls feeling broken after leaving the hospital and contemplating the end to his career. “ … But then I turned on the radio and my song was playing. Then, I knew in my heart that was a sign from Mom to keep doing this,” he says.

Fast forward to 2014 and VanFossen is revisiting his signature song with a newly recorded version created especially for “BOOM.” He calls the track the centerpiece of his music.

“It was the first song that I had on the radio and the only song my mom and I heard on the radio together. It’s a timeless song and I feel now at 30, I’ve lived so much life. I feel like every step of the way, it becomes more of my signature song,” he says. “Now’s the time to bring out a song like this into the world. Everybody’s reminiscing about when life was simple. It’s a way of remembering your innocence.”

Whether he’s performing a hard driving rocker such as “BOOM” or a heartbreaking ballad like “Get To You,” VanFossen’s live shows are not to be missed. His voice is often compared to artists such as Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts, and Blake Shelton. Not bad company for an artist that continues to forge his own path as an independent artist.

“I want people to know that I am a genuine, driven, hard working artist that cares about them and wants to interact,”

Multifaceted Artist, Antony Venneri

January 15, 2015 in News

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Young DreamInternational recording artist, poet and songwriter. Originally from Italy he has been living and performing successfully in many places (New Orleans, Los Angeles, Dublin, etc…) and has always been faithful to his free spirit and to his dreams, regardless matter how hard and dangerous the life of a true artist could be. Being totally committed to music and poetry since his adolescence days, he refuses and criticizes all conventions and illusions of provincial people and society. He rightly considers himself a citizen of the universe and just like a modern wondering minstrel his destination is wherever his music will take him. His true family and friends are his timeless songs and all those who love and support his art. Antony’s songs have many musical influences and styles, from rock to blues, from classical to oriental music. His lyrics can be quite philosophic, melancholic and romantic and at times be wild, bitter and ironic. Antony Venneri is a not only a seeker and a lover but also a drifter and an adventurer. Transparence, creative freedom and inspiration are his major prerogatives in his music and his life. As an independent artist, he keeps giving all of his time, heart and soul, to his benevolent, timeless and prolific muse. Here is what Antony Venneri still has to say to his worldwide fans, “I am always ready to travel and to play somewhere new and I am looking forward to touring internationally for the joy of sharing my art with my worldwide wonderful fans and for the vital importance and glory of true and good music in the world.”

THORAMAY On The Road To Success

November 18, 2014 in News

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ThoramayBio :

THORAMAY originally was formed in 2009. They we’re on the road to success when things took a turn. Thoramay’s lead singer May Sullivan, spent almost 2 years in and out of the hospital having undergone several surgeries due to a major health scare caused by a Pituitary Tumor.

Music along with the help of loved ones is what kept her strong and motivated to continue to strive. Having faced her own mortality, Thoramay shortly went dark for a few months and was resurrected in Nov. of 2011 with their first new member Lead Guitarist Tony Touchette.

After searching for the right chemistry they found Rhythm Guitarist Steve Daniels, Bass Player Chuck Loyer, and Randy on Drums. Thoramay is back with a vengeance and ready to move forward. The band is currently working on new material reflecting what Thoramay is all about. Bringing a heavier, eadgier, yet melodic sound.

Her lyrics are raw and from the heart. Their hope is to make an impact in someones life and give the listener something they can relate to. Having faced life altering events in their own lives, music became a source of healing for it’s members.

They are gearing up for their 2012 Southern California “Love and Hate Tour” and working on their new CD Album Release. Stay tuned for upcoming shows and events!


November 17, 2014 in News

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Better ChemistryThose are just a few words to describe the band, Better Chemistry, who have been overwhelming audiences since 2001 with their propulsive brew of reggae, ska, funk and rock. The band’s positive vibe and “let the good times roll” approach has won them a devoted following and a career’s worth of accomplishments. You might have heard their music during a Lakers game on Fox Sports Net (“Sunday Night, Lakers Night” and “Purple and Gold”), or on the radio (KROQ 106.7 FM, Los Angeles, KISS FM London). However, the real experience is their live performances. Looking ahead, Better Chemistry has their fourth album release coming in 2013.

The band’s story started at the Bulldog Pub in Upland, CA at an open-mic night where the band’s members first met in 2001. Discovering a common group of influences (Bob Marley, Toots, Dennis Brown, The Clash, The Specials, Sublime) the band came together and quickly built up an impressive resume, opening the stage for BB King, UB40, Steel Pulse, Aggrolites, Third World, Berlin, Average White Band, War and recording and performing with Pato Banton, Chali 2na, Tippa Irie, Shinehead and Papa Michigan from “Michigan and Smiley” Studio One artist . Better Chemistry has written and produced tracks for Fox Sports Net that gained national airtime. “Frozen in Your Tracks” aired on January 27, 2007 during the Los Angeles Kings game. “Purple and Gold” was aired during the 2008 NBA Western Conference Championship and “Sunday Night, Lakers Night” ran multiple times during the 2009 – 2011 seasons.

6 Foot Shorty, released in 2007, was a step in the band’s evolution, showcasing their growth and development as songwriters and players, while hewing to the warmth and positivity that has been the hallmark of their sound since they began. Adding to the flavor and variety, you will hear Pato Banton on the track “2 Steps Back” and the Hip Hop/Dance Hall styles of Chali 2na and Tippa Irie on “6 Foot Shorty”. The song “MCII” is licensed to Yamaha Motor Sports for an ad campaign featuring professional motocross riders on the Yamaha team. The self titled EP, Better Chemistry, is when the band opened the path to roots music, encompassing the traditions of Ska, and really started to blend genres. The cover song of Peter Tosh’s “Ketchy Shuby” was selected for the Peter Tosh Tribute Album that featured The Jerry Garcia Band, Edi Fitzroy, Andrew Tosh and Daddy Roots, released in 2005. The debut album from 2001, Undiscovered Elements, is when the band realized there was something magical that was happening. The 12 original tracks were recorded live in a garage after 6 weeks of coming together.

Casey Watt Country Artist

November 17, 2014 in News

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CASEY WATTCasey Watt is an exciting new artist on the rise ! With sultry tones and award winning songwriting skills this young performer has the ability to melt hearts or get the crowd rockin’ !

Already with two top ten radio hits from her critically acclaimed Debut album “Lead You Astray,” under her belt she is forging her way towards a long and successful Country Music Career.

Most recently Casey was named the Capital News Rising Star Female at the Southern Stars Independent Country Music Awards held during the Mildura Country Music Festival.

2007 has been an extremely profitable year for Casey winning a Vocal Collaboration TIARA (Tamworth Independent Artist Recognition Award) for the duet “If I Needed You,” recorded with renowned Brisbane artist Brendan Radford.  Lead You Astray was also awarded Independent Album of the Year at the Horsham Country Music Awards.  A Nomination for the Golden Saddle Awards and 2nd place in the Country Section of the Australian National Songwriting Contest with her self penned song “Close the Door” has made the Takamine Guitar Endorsee an artist to watch out for.

Other Achievements

* A graduate of the Australian College of Country Music 2001

* 2 time Star Maker Grad finalist 2002, 2003

* 3 times Female Club Entertainer of the Year for South East Queensland , 2003, 2004, 2005


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