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Lloyd Banks and 4 Others Arrested For Assault

January 9, 2010 in News by TMC

Lloyd Banks New York rapper and G-Unit honcho Lloyd Banks has been arrested along with four other men in Ontario Canada.

Banks, real name Christopher Charles Lloyd, and four others allegedly sequestered road manager and “Canadian booking artist” Chris Hines of Chris Hines/ Ultimate Ent in a hotel near Kitchener (Ontario, Canada) where Banks was scheduled to perform.

According to accounts of the alleged incident, they assaulted Hines and left him to be rushed to hospital.

Hines suffered a few minor lacerations as well as a bruised eye and a possible head trauma.

Details will be posted as they become available

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DIE HARD Nihilistic Vision

January 9, 2010 in News by TMC

DIE HARD Sweden’s DIE HARD have unleashed their sophomore release Nihilistic Vision. The album torches you with 10 tracks of old-school thrash, bursting with solos, thunderous drumming and buzzsaw guitars.

The smell of total death will engulf you while listening to DIE HARD at maximum volume. Features Hakan Jonsson of Watain on drums.

“…old school thrash metal with a swinging set of elephant balls and a death metal attitude. Featuring members of Watain, the style owes as much to early Slayer and Venom as it does to Exodus or the Bay Area School…” – Teethofthedivine.com


Earsplit PR
Dave Brenner

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Everybods a Mix-Master with Soundation Studio from Power FX

January 6, 2010 in News by TMC

The Most Innovative Web-Based Music Sequencer on the Net

Stockholm, Sweden – January 6, 2009Ever dream of making music that rocks the clubs and tops the charts? Wish you could personalize your MySpace or cell-phone ringtone with a song you created, or rock out in your car to your own tunes? Now you can, with Soundation Studio, a web-based music sequencer that allows you to mix and match hundreds of loops and samples to create original beats without ever downloading or installing any software! Visit www.soundation.com, access all the tools you need to make killer tracks, and tap into your inner musician.

If you can use a mouse, you can make music with Soundation Studio. Drag and drop PowerFX’s acclaimed audio loops into the sequencer, draw synth lines using supplied virtual synths, and tweak an array of real-time effects to your heart’s content. Easy to use for the novice, but powerful enough for a pro, Soundation Studio guarantees you’ll be making sick beats in no time. Mix, match and layer drum, bass, synth, and other instrumental loops into the sequencer, and let the party begin! Perfect for making hip-hop beats, electronica, reggaeton, fusion or any other genre of sample/loop based music, Soundation Studio truly is the most innovative music-sequencer on the net.

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Blake McKibben Young man with a big future

January 6, 2010 in News by TMC

Blake McKibben With so many albums little more than a collection of songs rushed out as soon as there is enough material to fill the space, it is a rare pleasure to find a record as lovingly crafted as Blake McKibben’s debut.

This young, good-looking man from Portland, Oregon has produced a record that has taken all of two years’ hard work to perfect.

‘Haze’ is an album that cannot be defined by any single style, but which still has a thread running through each and every track. As befits a record made entirely by one individual, every song is intensely personal, telling the stories of a man’s life; both the highs and the lows.

Equally adept at turning his hand to rock, pop, folk or even hip-hop, McKibben uses every weapon in his musical armoury. But each style is just another reflection of his soul, and evidence of an enormous talent.

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Candlelight Signs KRIEG, WOE And YAOTL MICTLAN

January 5, 2010 in News by TMC

YAOTL MICTLAN Candlelight Records today confirms the recent signings of KRIEG, WOE and YAOTL MICTLAN. All three add to the English label’s growing American roster, a concentrated effort of the label the past several years. Currently celebrating its ninth year of US operation, the label opened US offices January 2001 with the release of its first album, ZYKLON’s acclaimed debut World ov Worms. In early April, Candlelight continues its quest to deliver quality recordings by both new and established recording artists.

The Isolationist is the confirmed title for the sixth album from New Jersey-based KRIEG. Main creator Imperial says, “it is truly an honor to get to work with a professional label at this point in KRIEG’s career. The Isolationist will be more experimental, uglier, and yet more beautiful than previous KRIEG records.” The album will start production in early February at Volume Studios in Chicago. The record is tentatively planned for a July release.

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The Great Willie Mitchell,has Passed Away

January 5, 2010 in News by TMC

Willie Mitchell (Memphis 1/5/2010) Legendary music producer Willie Mitchell died Tuesday morning. Mitchell is best known as the man who signed Al Green to Hi Records and as the producer of Green’s most popular records. Mitchell had his own successful recording career during the 1960′s.
He was born on March 23, 1928, in Ashland, MS and was raised in Memphis.


Bluz Newz Entertainment’s purpose is to bring Soul and Blues to the forefront.
Contact Info: Bluz Newz Entertainment
Website: http://www.myspace.com/bluznewzentertainment
Phone: (901) 246-7545
Email: macdobbins@sweetangel.org

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Peter Hasler

January 4, 2010 in Various & World & Classical by TMC

Genre: Various
Website: http://www.peterhasler.com

Peter Hasler Live and studio: Peter Hasler’s Monk Revival (Jazz), Peter Hasler’s Kitchen (Drumming, Solo), Nanalee Vaonger (HipHop), Gogoll (Fusion Drumming), East Side Blues Band (Blues), The Unpresentables (Rock) and more.

Recording of the first self produced CD “Drums Music”. Conducted workshops for acoustic and electronic drums in Zurich. Further education with Djembe, Taketina and group teaching. Release of the second drum teaching book “The Complete Drum Set-Volume 2″.

Co-operation with and usage of drum books from Yamaha Music School Switzerland. Endorser for Pro Mark Sticks. Drum technician for master drummer Pierre Favre and drum lessons with Walter Keiser. Event staff for the concert agency All Blues.

Song Title: Two Tones

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