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Jazz Video Guy Live at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival

February 18, 2010 in News by TMC

JAZZ PROMO SERVICES Bret Primack, aka the Jazz Video Guy, makes his performance debut at the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival this weekend with two screenings of his popular documentary and performance films.
The festival, being held this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Hilton Hotel in Rockville, Maryland, is produced by Washington D.C.’s Jazz Academy and in addition to Bret’s work, features such artists as Mulgrew Miller, Bobby Watson, Lewis Nash and Festival Director, saxman Paul Carr. “I’ll be screening videos that I’ve produced over the last four years and some collector’s items as well.  The program will be varied, everything from Coleman Hawkins to Bob Mintzer.  I love sharing my work and of course it’s always very gratifying to interact with my audience face to face.”

Primack’s latest round of videos focus on the pianist Mulgrew Miller.  “Several years ago, I shot some video at a clinic Mulgrew did out here in Tucson and I just edited this content into a series of six videos.  Mulgrew, as everyone knows, is remarkably talented man, both as a performer, and as an educator.”

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Garth Green

February 17, 2010 in Folk/Acoustic by TMC

Genre: Folk/Acoustic
Website: www.myspace.comgarthgreen

Garth Green CD Cover I was born in Port Chester, New York in 1961.  I grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley Region, and now reside in the great state of Vermont. At the age of nine I studied classical guitar for three years with Vladimir Bobri, (former President of “The Society of Classical Guitar” and personal friend of the master, Andres Segovia). Since then I have focused on improvisation and creating my own instrumental compositions.

As a teenager, I was interested in Pop, Acoustic and East Indian music. I was especially drawn to the music of Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and The Beatles. My music combines classical, jazz and folk influences to create a melodic mellow sound with wide appeal. I use finger-style and flat-picking techniques on six, twelve and nylon string guitars.

Song Titles:

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Sherry Finzer

February 15, 2010 in Featured Artist, New Age/Electronica & Dance by TMC

Genre: New Age

Sherry Finzer is a professional flutist and recording artist. As a solo artist and owner of Heart Dance Records, she promotes her music to a variety of venues, resorts, and spas throughout the Southwest. Her music has been described as new age, ambient, healing, meditative and relaxing.

Recent Performances/Appearances (solo and as guest artist): 

Sherry Finzer– King of Glory Church – Tempe,AZ
Esperanza Lutheran Church – Phoenix, AZ
National Flute Assoc Convention – Albuquerque, Pittsburgh, San Diego
Mark Holland-Autumn’s Child – Franciscan Retreat Center – Paradise Valley, AZ
Diego Andres – Creative Life Center – Sedona, AZ
Goran Marcusson – Kerr Cultural Center – Scottsdale, AZ

Christopher Caliendo – Albuquerque, NM and Scottsdale, AZ
Desert Fusion – Phoenician Resort, Valley Ho, Sheraton – Phoenix, AZ
Dulce VAS – Opryland Hotel-Nashville, TN, Ground Control, Il Vinaio Restaurant, Desert Ridge

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Blood Type Releases Debut Mixtape

February 15, 2010 in News by TMC

Blood Type The talented breakout duo from Miami, Florida, calling themselves Blood Type, has recently released its first mixtape and can after 2 months already boast nearly 100,000 downloads. Their work has a fresh effervescence, as well as a familiar vibe. Blood Type excites with its edgy lyrics, while the undertones of neo-soul and jazz brilliantly finds the listeners’ comfort zone.

MIAliens is the breakout work that is bringing attention to the South Floridians whose initial goal was to show the music world that there was more to Southern Hip-Hop than had made its way to the air waves between the 1990s and the present. The name MIAliens is a reference to the 1996 album ATLiens, released by southern hip hop duo writes, “Are these guys the next Outkast? No, but no one’s the next Outkast. Instead their something better, the next Blood Type.” Lyrical content had not reigned supreme in the genre till now, but Blood Type seeks to diversify what had been and bring Southern Hip-Hop to a new place. MIAliens comes not to change the genre, but to grow it, to expand it, and to expose new possibilities.

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Norine Braun 2 PITA Nominations!

February 14, 2010 in News by TMC

Norine Braun Happy Valentines! Olympic fever is going strong here and the city is so full of celebratory energy. Tomorrow is my first gig at Richmond Olympic Oval so very excited!

Great news to share with you. I am nominated for Stonewall Society Pride in the Arts Female/lesbian favorite and Musical Artist of 2009, in addition the comp benefit cd United for the Ride I am part of is also nominated for 2009 favorite cd….Voting has now begun for the nominations please cast your love ballot my way! VOTE HERE

Congratulations to all United For The Ride Vol. I contributing songwriters, Robin Renee, Dan Manjovi, Joshua Klipp, and Terry Christopher for all receiving nominations in StoneWall Society’s Pride In The Arts Awards and to local artists Sugarbeach! I highly recommend voting for these folks as well.

Thanks to all the listeners on Las Vegas VRadio for making my song Crystallize number one this month, I have been on their top ten for the past year…wow!

I gave my first skype interview on Toronto’s Liquid Lunch and is available on videopodcast on my news page at My segment is on about 66 minutes into the program and includes an on the spot rap, it was fun and a new experience.

Enjoy Valentines and go spread the love! Have a great games too!


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20 Buck Spin & Profound Lore Announce SXSW Showcase

February 14, 2010 in News by TMC

20 Buck Spin 20 Buck Spin announces today a joint label showcase at SXSW this year with our comrades at Profound Lore Records. The two underground metal labels have been friendly for some time and agreed that SXSW could use something beyond the usual suspects this year. Each label will bring three bands from their respective, constantly growing rosters. 20 Buck Spin will bring Brooklyn NY’s black metal futurists Liturgy, Providence, RI’s chaotic whirlwind schizos The White Mice and Toronto’s violence prone The Endless Blockade. Profound Lore brings a mix of new and veteran talent in the form of Indiana’s blackened doom bringers Coffinworm, Virginia amp destroyers Salome and Chicago scene vets Yakuza.

The show will take place on Friday March 19th at Headhunters Club located at 720 Red River Street in Austin. The show will be opened by two bands not associated with either 20 Buck Spin or Profound Lore at approximately 7 p.m. Those bands will be announced shortly. Additionally our long-time friend David D’Andrea has created exclusive poster artwork for the showcase.
20 Buck Spin has existed since 2005 and is based in Olympia, Washington. It is home to the above mentioned bands and others including Samothrace, Coffins, Laudanum, Stormcrow and more.
Profound Lore Records has existed since 2004 and is based in Toronto, Ontario. It is home to acts like Cobalt, Krallice, Bloody Panda, and Portal.

Earsplit PR  Dave Brenner

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At The End Of The World

February 9, 2010 in Featured Artist, Rock by TMC

Genre: Rock/Metal

At the End of the World embodies a resurgence of the heavy riffing, hard hitting, cynical attitude of what has made some the best eras of hard rock and metal as intense, energetic, and as powerful as it was always meant to be. We play with raw power and emotion, with a sound that treads the line between art and insanity.

“Our music is a brutal honesty to our views on the often horrifying, always exciting, journey of living and dying and all the experiences in between. We continue to progress with our style, which is unique to the five of us and our personal experiences” says bassist Andrew Brunetti.

When listening to their recent studio recordings (featuring tracks Save Yourself and Panic Pull) its obvious that their sound draws inspiration from a mix of bands, ranging from the twisted and genius creations of Alice in Chains and Tool to the head slamming power of metal legends such as Pantera and Meshugga. Hailing out of Brooklyn New York, At The End Of The World represent a new era of rock that is well overdue to emerge and conquer.

Brunetti adds, “More than anything we want our sound to be heard. This is what we live for, what we love, and what we want to bring to those who appreciate good music. We’re hoping to stir up and contribute to a new beginning in the hard rock and metal scene.”

So if you are interested in joining the movement to bring real, true hard rock back to New York and the rest of the world, check out At The End Of The World.soon you wont have a choice anyway.

-NYC Underground

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