New Country Matt VanFossen

January 21, 2015 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Matt VanFossenImagine the rush of performing your new single to more than 80,000 country music fans on the main stage at ‘Jamboree In The Hills’, one of the top music festivals in the country. Afterwards, you might exchange niceties with superstar Tim McGraw before he goes on stage to rock the crowd. Ohio native Matt VanFossen doesn’t have to imagine because this is his new reality.

With the release of his new EP, “BOOM,” VanFossen is taking his career to exciting new levels. The hard driving title track is the first single and has already become a fan favorite. It recently won West Virginia-based radio station 97.9 WKKW’s fan-voted “Smackdown” for the maximum of four days straight, beating out new singles from artists such as Dolly Parton and Colt Ford.

“I feel like I’m growing into the artist that I’m meant to be. In doing so, I’ve realized that up-tempo songs are fun,” he says. “When the audience hears the music start for ‘BOOM,’ everybody’s ready. I think it’s the hook of the song and the driving music. It demands your attention.”

The EP follows the breakout success of 2012’s full-length “I Didn’t Come Here to Lose.” Two singles from the album (“Almost Stopped Dreaming” and “This Time Around”) managed to break the Top 100 on the Mediabase country charts. A third single, “A Woman’s Words,” was listed as one of the Top 25 fan-voted songs on Nashville-based Internet radio station NIXA. In addition, his ‘Jamboree’ performances were broadcasted to TV viewers across the Ohio Valley and he received coverage on local newscasts.

The success of the album eventually allowed VanFossen to get a high profile booking at Nashville’s legendary Douglas Corner Cafe, a renowned venue for both emerging and established songwriters/performers.

“It was a surreal experience to be in a room full of tourists and peers in Nashville. Then, to be singing my music in-the-round with three other artists was unbelievable,” he says. “To have all the talent there recognize me for my voice was just killer. They all thought I was from there. I’ll never forget that.”

During his short career, VanFossen has shared the stage with national recording artists including David Nail, Craig Campbell, Brooks & Dunn, and more.
In 2013, he was asked to become one of the main stage artists at the Ohio-based ‘Jamboree in the Hills’ festival. For the past two years, he has opened up for the likes of Neal McCoy, Aaron Tippin, and The Oak Ridge Boys.

The newly released “BOOM” EP aims to cement his status as a hit-maker with a voice that grabs your attention and refuses to let go. Mike Ofca produced the project at Innovation Studios in Steuvenville, Ohio.

“Mike has this way of turning everything into ear candy. He pays attention to the details and is always listening to see what to add to it to make the song better than it already is,” VanFossen says.

The EP is available at all digital outlets and is distributed by TuneCore. It contains five songs, including “She’s Just Like That” and the feisty “Close If It Ain’t It.” VanFossen says “She’s Just Like That” is his favorite on the project and the song helped him realize the album’s theme.

“The ‘BOOM’ EP is all about the expression of intense feelings. I was listening to “She’s Just Like That” in the car today and thought to myself, ‘you never hear a song from a male artist that talks about love in such an extreme way’ … ,” he says. “The song is a way for a guy to say how intense his love is. It gets your attention but in a different way than ‘BOOM.’ It’s like a summer breeze.”

Fans can also expect to hear more about the relationship he sang about on the emotional “Leave Me” from the last album. While “Leave Me” was about a deteriorating relationship that no one had the guts to end, the musical sequel is more of a hopeful coda. “Get To You” picks up the story after the girl is gone and the guy is forced to move on.

“I remember hearing the song and thinking ‘I know there’s somebody out there that will relate’ … ,” he says. “It was the last song we cut vocals on and I thought to myself, ‘put yourself in the place of what you would be like if you found somebody that finally made you forget all the pain and suffering you’ve been through in your life.’”

Then tragedy struck just as his career began to take off. VanFossen’s beloved mother Dot passed away suddenly due to a stroke. Her death was jolting and almost caused him to give up on his dreams. He recalls feeling broken after leaving the hospital and contemplating the end to his career. “ … But then I turned on the radio and my song was playing. Then, I knew in my heart that was a sign from Mom to keep doing this,” he says.

Fast forward to 2014 and VanFossen is revisiting his signature song with a newly recorded version created especially for “BOOM.” He calls the track the centerpiece of his music.

“It was the first song that I had on the radio and the only song my mom and I heard on the radio together. It’s a timeless song and I feel now at 30, I’ve lived so much life. I feel like every step of the way, it becomes more of my signature song,” he says. “Now’s the time to bring out a song like this into the world. Everybody’s reminiscing about when life was simple. It’s a way of remembering your innocence.”

Whether he’s performing a hard driving rocker such as “BOOM” or a heartbreaking ballad like “Get To You,” VanFossen’s live shows are not to be missed. His voice is often compared to artists such as Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts, and Blake Shelton. Not bad company for an artist that continues to forge his own path as an independent artist.

“I want people to know that I am a genuine, driven, hard working artist that cares about them and wants to interact,”

Alternative Rock Belle Jewel Powerful

January 15, 2015 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Belle Jewel, is a young indie/alternative singer/songwriter with a very distinct sound that is all her own.

“Wonderful fresh new talent. Great voice and interpretation of a charming, original song. Belle, you have a bright future.” –Connie L.

“She has a very soothing voice.” – Ruth B.

“You have such a wonderful voice! You keep doing what your doing! You are an amazing singer.” – Lauryn L.

“I love watching you grow and develop your talent. Your voice is so clear and your pitch is right on.” – Aria L.

“Very talented, cool sound!” – Sharon G.


Multifaceted Artist, Antony Venneri

January 15, 2015 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Young DreamInternational recording artist, poet and songwriter. Originally from Italy he has been living and performing successfully in many places (New Orleans, Los Angeles, Dublin, etc…) and has always been faithful to his free spirit and to his dreams, regardless matter how hard and dangerous the life of a true artist could be. Being totally committed to music and poetry since his adolescence days, he refuses and criticizes all conventions and illusions of provincial people and society. He rightly considers himself a citizen of the universe and just like a modern wondering minstrel his destination is wherever his music will take him. His true family and friends are his timeless songs and all those who love and support his art. Antony’s songs have many musical influences and styles, from rock to blues, from classical to oriental music. His lyrics can be quite philosophic, melancholic and romantic and at times be wild, bitter and ironic. Antony Venneri is a not only a seeker and a lover but also a drifter and an adventurer. Transparence, creative freedom and inspiration are his major prerogatives in his music and his life. As an independent artist, he keeps giving all of his time, heart and soul, to his benevolent, timeless and prolific muse. Here is what Antony Venneri still has to say to his worldwide fans, “I am always ready to travel and to play somewhere new and I am looking forward to touring internationally for the joy of sharing my art with my worldwide wonderful fans and for the vital importance and glory of true and good music in the world.”

Artist Jon Martin

December 29, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Jon MartinJon Martin born as Michele Lorefice (Serrinha Bahia, Brazil, 29 September 1983) is an Italian dj, songwriter, singer and record producer of pop and house music.


Jon Martin is an Italo-Brazilian born of a Brazilian woman and an European Italian man after birth he was adopted by an Italian family and grew up and lives in Rome, Italy. Inspired by the American rap and urban scene in 2006 he created the rap project “MC Double Project” or “MC DP”. Lives for two summers in Birmingham and London.

From a young age made up the first loops and beats with the first samplers as Akai MPC60, Korg Electribe R and analog synthesizers such as Yamaha, Nord Keyboards, Juno-60. So he spends most of his years to refine and improve his techniques of composition between samplers, analog instruments and only later the use of VST and Software. In 2005 he created his own independent label JMS Entertainment abbreviation of Jon Martin Studios Entertainment. In 2014, working on his Radio Show “The Evolution of Love”.

The father was born in Sicily and his mother in northern Italy, but both moved to Rome. The father formed the group “I Fauini”in 1966 and then dissolved. “I Fauni” a group that took part in a competition held by the magazine “TV Sorrisi e Canzoni” in the city of Rapallo (Genoa) coming in second place. Performance to Hotel in Anguillara Etruschi (Lake Bracciano). They have done concerts / performances in local and entertainment square in Lazio.

Jon Martin relative of Tullio Romano talent/scout who launched Fausto Leali and worked with Caterina Caselli and former member of the group “Los Marcellos Ferial” famous group of the 60 their successes “Sei diventata nera” “Quando Calienta el Sol” “La Casa del Sole”(Mogol, Pallavicini and V-Price) and others.

Ryan Aderréy

December 29, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Ryan AderréyIf Ryan Aderréy’s debut album, ‘What If’ was a movie, this promising singer-songwriter would be the self-assured lead character that possesses maturity, quiet confidence, leadership and, most of all, real talent. Ryan would be the first to tell you that while he has had some fantastic opportunities, he was also able to recognize them and grab the prospects by the horns. Ryan Aderréy in emerging on to the national music scene with amazing songwriting chops, two terrific producers to shepherd him and the enthusiasm to win over even the most jaded music lover.

Music was a big part of Ryan’s life from as early as he could remember. His parents, who met backpacking in Morocco, both had some involvement with music. Living in the UK before their only child was born, Ryan’s father was a songwriter with some respectable achievement and his mother often did backing vocals at live gigs. By the time Ryan was born, they moved stateside, and while Ryan can remember waking up on weekends to the melodies of The Beatles and Bob Dylan, his heart lay elsewhere. “I have to say that as a kid, I didn’t have a lot of interest in music; I loved to play soccer. That’s where most of my focus was – though I do remember buying the cassingle of “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors!”

While he clearly preferred – and excelled – at sports, Ryan spent many weekends with his friend Keshav Singh – who is now having success in the UK as part of the duo JusNow – making beats on Singh’s electronic keyboard. As much fun as they had, it wasn’t enough to turn Ryan’s head away from soccer, and after a year at Boston University, Ryan had the opportunity to play for OmniWorld, a professional football (soccer) team outside of Amsterdam. “I didn’t know it at the time, but playing soccer, traveling, being in front of fans who could be really tough, was all perfect training for what I wanted to do next, which I quickly realized was music.”

An early adopter on MySpace, Ryan quietly started composing music on his own, posting it online, even while living abroad, and getting positive responses. “I had complete confidence in writing by myself since playing soccer in front of so many people gave me the ability to feel secure. I bought a keyboard, making my own instrumentals, and then started to put vocals on top of them.” This caught the attention of a friend who had started an independent label in Pittsburgh, who then invited Ryan down to showcase some of his songs. After some well-received live performances, Ryan came back to Florida, where his family had re-located, at the request of Studio Center Miami. The people at the Studio felt Ryan’s compositions had some real potential and wanted to see what he could do once he put all his incredible focus on music. Ryan, who had learned through his athletic career, that the more you do something, the better you get at it, spent a full year working with vocal coach Anita Wilson and choreographer Athena Cameron before feeling like he was ready to take the next step toward composing an album’s worth of songs for The Stranger in Me.

Though Ryan is the driving force as both songwriter and composer, he decided to co-write with a few different songwriters, most significantly Steven D. After writing twenty or more songs, which Ryan has recently paired down to ten or twelve for the upcoming album, he was fortunate enough to catch the attention of Grammy winning Producer Zach Ziskin. He’s also begun to work with 4-time Grammy Award winning Engineer/Producer Jimmy Douglass (Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, The Rolling Stones, Sean Paul, Kanye West and more) on future projects. “This is really a dream come true. I can’t wait to get to the Studio every day, and it’s such an incredible experience. The first time I worked with Jimmy he had me do vocal warm-ups for three hours! It has been a great opportunity for me to absorb more about making music than I could have ever anticipated.”

While words have always come easily to Ryan (he was a journalism Major in college and one several poetry awards in High School), he knows he is exercising a different muscle with songwriting. “Songwriting is a whole different beast. It takes life experience, in my opinion, to write a good song. I don’t think you can fake that. I will write a song 10 times over and often it still isn’t good enough yet. Songwriting is about pouring your soul out on the paper, and it’s hard to go to that place. It is something you have to work at. I have been working at it long enough that I feel like I am in a good place with being able to convey my feelings musically.”

He has much to be proud of on ‘What If’, due out in early 2014. While he can’t choose a favorite, there are several songs that have strong meaning to him such as “What Ifs & Broken Promises.” Says Ryan, “That song came together fast. I really love this track and think people will gravitate toward it.” Another memorable songwriting journey for him came from “Without Hope,” based on a friend of Ryan’s who grew up in an abusive household. The emotional chorus – “when you step to the edge of the light/to the darkness of the unknown/when you have no choice but to fight/you learn to fly where nobody’s ever flown” gives way to a song that’s ultimately about hope and being able to leave the past behind. Another strong track is the beautiful “A Miracle My Love,” a very personal song for Ryan: “This is a love song about some one who comes along and turns your life around. You may have thought you had nothing going for you, you meet this person, and it becomes a miracle to your life. My mind set has been totally turned around by the right person.”

Throughout his entire songwriting process, Ryan’s goal was always one thing – to create songs that people could relate to. “I really want people who listen to my album to relate to it, as if they’ve been through it themselves. I want them to know I’ve been there too – and get lost in my stories. To me, music is life set to instrumentation. There is no greater gift than to be able to take the culmination of your life’s stories and set them to music.”

Check Out Denny and Janie

December 29, 2014 in News by Indie Artist Radio

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Denny and JanieDenny and Janie were born as unidentifiable, inexplicable identical twins.. from two different mothers. The discussion of how this occurred involves an on-going argument over a possible 3 week early exit from Heaven.. or a 3 week missed-the-date late birth. The details involved in this conversation must be witnessed in person to be believed…

Regardless of which version you ultimately buy into.. Denny and Janie are just everyday people with a deep belief in the power of God’s grace and love in the world.. and a desire to share music which inspires the soul, encourages spiritual reflection, speaks to the hopeful heart, and is just plain fun.

Working together as managing partners of Harlan J Moose Productions, their mission is to provide vehicles that bring families and people from everywhere together in positive enjoyable experiences.

A few words from Shane Decker, the Producer of “One Boat”:

“In the last 50 years I have spent on this earth I have been blessed with great friends and fellow musicians. I was truly blessed the day Tommy introduced me to Denny and then, a little later on Denny introduced me to Janie when they/we decided to take a leap of faith together in One Boat on this musical journey and fulfilling a dream. These songs you hear were recorded by some of the best musicians and engineers in the world today. I feel very grateful to have worked with them and thank them all from the bottom of my heart for their professionalism, hard work and friendships! I hope you are inspired by the music and the lyrics which are truthful, spiritual and full of love. I know I am. Janie and Denny have entrusted in me their musical visions for this record and I am honored to have been a part of such an inspirational project. They are the most giving people I know and they just want to share their music with you and the rest of the world. Please sit back and enjoy each song and hopefully they will comfort you each time you hear them. As we are all in One Boat.”

Sincerely, Love, Luck and Laughter

Country Artist Cody Joe Hodges

December 29, 2014 in Country/Western, Featured Artist by Indie Artist Radio

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Cody Joe HodgesCody Joe was recently nominated as Rising Star for the 2014 Texas Music Awards. He has also been nominated as Male Country Vocalist of the Year at the International Music and Entertainment Association for 2013 and 2014.

Cody Joe is a traditionalist in that he loves the sound of traditional country. Steel guitars, fiddles and good, old-fashioned story-telling songs, remind him of the way country music was when he was growing up.

Cody Joe Hodges’s music has been described as “outlaw country”, with a large influence of the country greats and performers who started the genre in the late 70’s and 80’s. Cody Joe’s voice ranges from silky smooth to raspy seduction. He and his band always thrill, putting on a high-energy performance at every show. It is rare that you will find someone that reaches across the aisle to both the old and new generations, but Cody Joe Hodges does it every time. Cody Joe’s sound is something out of the past, and his writing style of the here and now. His goal for every show is to fill the dance floor and get the crowd moving.


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