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Promotional Services
The formula is simple: Get more people to listen to your music and you increase your fan base. The more buzz you generate the more downloads, CDs and merchandise you will sell. Waiting for a record company to place your songs on the radio is all good but New Artist Radio can bring your music to the world NOW! So don’t wait! Pick the package that suits your budget and promote your music today.

Submit Music
We’re always looking for new music in every genre. So go ahead: Submit your music to our station for possible airplay. All shows have instant access to your music.

Submit Radio Spot
Radio spots can be used in a number of ways, first they can be use for you to have a chance to promote a artist and their music. Our radio station may use them during a show. All shows will have access to them if they choose to use them. For guaranteed promotional services check out Broadcast Services.

Submit YouTube Video
If you have a video that you would like to share submit your video for free.

Submit Radio Show

Are you looking to get your show broadcast on our station? We are always looking for new shows and new talent to expand and enhance our station quality. We would be happy to have your show to help us make a difference in the music industry. New Artist Radio gives everyone a chance to have a platform.


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