Two Freakin Guys

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Two Freakin Guys Hosted By: Brad & Brian

Sodder’s rythm section breaks out into internet radio with a twisted take on reality as worldwide issues are tackled by the witty banter of Sodder’s drummer and bass player. No subject is out of bounds with this wacky duo as they explain a unique take on life.

So if your day is lacking in a wealth of knowledge and comedy that has spured a downward spiral of lackluster mediocrity then tune into “Two Freakin Guys” and enjoy the rest of your day as it transcends into awesomeness!

Brian Newton…well, Brian suffers from controlled optimism. He is 5’9, sober, and 8′, after a few drinks. Brian enjoys hot chicks that are a little…dirty (as do most drummers), music and philosophy. Brian dislikes Al Gore, the Dixie Chicks (and refuses to play or listen to any form of country music) and tapioca pudding (who knew!). He also spaces-out quite often and has a terrible memory.

Brian was a “bandie” throughout Junior High and High School with musical emphasis on the saxophone. Brian began playing drums in 2001 and looks up to drummers such as John Bonham, Neil Peart, and Shannon Larkin. Brian says, “Drumming is like an ocean of emotion and riding the waves is a compilation of action that stems from give and take as a tapestry of subtleties are woven throughout the constructs of the song.

I just love to play because it’s like a form of meditation that hurls me toward a state of Nirvana.”

Brad McGuire is a well rounded kind of bloke. He enjoys the phrases “Megalomania” and “I don’t get paid enough for this.” As well as his devilish bass riffs, Brad also uses his skill as the sound tech for Sodder and, on occasion uses his angelic voice as backup vocals (but only if he has too!). Brad dislikes any drunken fan who spills their beverage (whatever it may be) onto his equipment and the not-so-friendly game known only as Tetris to Sodder but known as the Van Equipment Stack to the fans.

Brad one day dreams of having dependable roadies who will actually know what they are doing and not break, lose, or drop any of the gear.

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