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MuzicNotez The Magazine!

September 19, 2012 in Magazines by TMC

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MuzicNotez The Magazine is dedicated to promoting indie music, and the best resources for indie musicians to succeed. We promote the best emerging talent from within our networks thousands of musicians, tracks and videos. There’s a lot of talent out there these days, it’s a daunting task sometimes to find the cream of the crop though. That’s our job, between us and our partners at The Emerging Talent Agency we bring you some of the best the indie music scene has to offer.

There are also a lot of indie music resources (networks, promoters, tools, radio, labels, etc.) flooding the market these days. As an indie music resource we seek out the best tools for indie musicians and review them for you to best take advantage.

In between our magazine posts and reviews, we also release indie musician interviews to give you an inside look in the mind of aspiring future stars.

At least once a month, we release another magazine issue containing MuzicNotez updates/developments, our best new artists, music and a featured video. These issues are also sent out in our newsletter every month. Subscribe to stay up to date with the indie scene!

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Spaced Out Magazine Is Making Its Entrance With A Storm!

September 18, 2012 in Magazines by TMC

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Hopefully the variety of publications are ready, because Spaced Out Magazine is making its entrance with a storm! Spaced Out Mag, or SOM is a new media outlet that has presented their very 1st issue June of this year, following with a well put together website.

You can MOST definitely say that this media outlet is the NEXT Rolling Stone! Going on to their website, you can find many news stories published, artists who are on the rise and also signed/major artists. Not to mention the vast amount of videos on the website that make it pop out.

SOM is refreshing because it’s not a gossip website or publication that sends out articles about malicious and inaccurate assumptions about people in the entertainment world. All true factual things are given and insights and interviews from the celebs themselves are posted, but at the same time it is still a fun and lively publishing.

They also talk about businesses, and historical background enlightening and sparking the attention of readers.

What’s not to love about that? It’s all very exciting, fresh, and a NEW dose of what’s going on today. It’s quite fun to log on to the website as well to see your favorite artists, see fascinating first hand news and most of all not get anywhere near bored.

Many will find SOM becoming their home website as there is constantly many changes made for the better upon the website and big things in store to come. Spaced Out Magazine will be found at the local Walmart, Target, Costco, Kroger, 7-eleven, Barnes&Nobles, and MORE retail stores for its upcoming issues.

Now is definitely the time to see what all that hype is about, Spaced Out Magazine truly has went above and beyond!

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CIA Creative Independent Artists Magazine

May 10, 2012 in Magazines by TMC

In January of 2011, the idea came to me in a dream. The idea of this magazine is to portray the artist in the best possible light. The idea behind all our featured artists profiles is to make sure that what the public reads about them is what the artist wants them to perceive. The best photo, bio, and contact information of qualified artists to have themselves, their managers, promoters, or publicists submit the perfect artist profile information to be fitted to our magazine format.

The ensuing months of bringing this idea to fruition required the talent and creativity of one of the most articulate designer I’ve know over the years as a friend. I felt a vested interest in a magazine that was a “Horse Of A Different Color” would be the hook to spark anyone’s interest. It did!

We are not new to the Magazine Industry. Our Editor and Creative Director, Dianne Leonetti, has over 25+ years of award winning designs in the Art & Entertainment publication industry in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her highly successful publications, “I On Las Vegas”, “I Magazine” and her amazing graphic designs for other articles and publications has made her business highly successful throughout the years. As co-owner of CIA Magazines and her personal commitment to create a high quality product, every issue is expected to be a showcase of excellence to all who are included. I consider each of them to be Award Winners!

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EL BARRIO MAGAZINE “On A Mission For Indie Artist”

April 22, 2012 in Magazines by TMC


EL Barrio Magazine publish by Jabú Clothing Co. This magazine will be releasing monthly issues. from top highlights on up and coming artists to interviews and fashion photos to our help center page that will discuss issues on starting your own business and much more. EL Barrio means The Hood Magazine. This Magazine will have top articles on today’s celebrities to top foot wear to the latest fashion wear. Talento De Barrio is a collaborated issue based from Hip-Hip music to reggaeton. This magazine is fit for every young audience that wants to know and be in touch with what is going on with their favorite artist to information on how to start their own business to what is fashionable and hot to wear.

Jabú Clothing Co whats to give back to the communities and the young youth. In this magazine it will express how there is so much talent on the streets in your very own neighborhood but no one is willing to give them the opportunity to utilize there skills and talent. Plus discussion site for our readers to talk among other groups. THESE IS A MAGAZINE YOU CAN NOT PUT DOWN FROM INSIDE COVER STORIES AND INTERVIEWS FROM THE LATEST HIP-HOP MUSIC ARTISTS TO UP AND COMING ARTISTS, AND FASHION. Read the rest of this entry →


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