” Like Starting Over ” is a Great story about Former Wrestler & Fighter “Aaron Reese”

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Like Starting Over“Like Starting Over ” is a Great story about Former Wrestler and Fighter “Aaron Reese” who is forced to Retire after he is serious injured after an Accident, so Aaron moves back home and gets a job as a teacher at his old School where he grew up, now he is a single dad raising his children and learning what love family and Passion is all about Follow the ” Reese “Family and share the love of family and how they learn as a family what love is all about.

Like Starting Over is a great Tv Project about a man who was a former pro wrestler who was forced to retire from wrestling when his doctor told him one night that his life as a wrestler was over because of too many concussions and other health issues, the Life of Aaron Reese now is about him moving back to His home town of Huntingdon Pennsylvania and getting a Job at his Old Elementary school. The story is a great story about a single father raising Pre teen daughters and a son this is Family Television show about Faith love and the Passion of life.

Forgotten Paradise A short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson

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Forgotten ParadiseIn search for the answer of some of the most important questions in life, two young boys 8 and 10 years old put into action their creative skills, they decide to make a film about fear and loneliness. Research, a spirit of adventure and pure child like reasoning results in a surprising turn of events. A hearty, emotionally uplifting comedy, with poetic elements of spiritual awakening.

A short Film by Sylvia Love Johnson

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”Aristotle

Forgotten Paradise is an emotionally uplifting poetic piece seeking the attention of our youngest audiences. This ‘children’ genre film with simplistic and age appropriate content incorporates adventure, fantasy and imagination elements in a realistic manner, from the point of view of children creating stories and making films. It demonstrates a moral massage based around the concepts of fear and loneliness. We attempt at decomposing these feelings to find the real essence in them and then conclude that such feelings are but the creation of our own minds.

The idea was born from the desire to exploit “fear/s” which govern the majority of our awaken life as human beings; these feelings/emotions block our growth, our development, our achievement path and more. Thus the need teach our children to perceive ‘fear’ differently from an early age.

“Education is teaching our children to desire the right things” Plato

One of 2014 Top Ten Best Indie Films Only Lovers Left Alive

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Synopsis: After being around for centuries and now living in the modern age, vampire Adam (Hiddleston) is a rockstar that cannot grow accustomed to the new modern world with all of its new technology. While he lives in Detroit, his wife Eve (Swinton) lives in Tangier, flourishing in the new world. But when she senses Adam’s depression with society, she gets on a plane and goes to see him. Shortly after Eve gets there, her little sister, Ava (Wasikowska), shows up after 87 years and disrupts the couple’s idyll reunion.

BOYHOOD One Of The Top Rated Indie Film for 2014

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BOYHOOD  Director: Richard Linklater

Writer: Richard Linklater

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Tamara Jolaine, Nick Krause,Jordan Howard,

Evie Thompson

Theatrical Release Date: July 11, 2014

Festivals: Sundance Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival,

South By Southwest Film   Conference and Festival (SXSW)

Synopsis: The film tells a story of a divorced couple (Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette) trying to raise their young son (Ellar Salmon). The story follows the boy for twelve years, from first grade at age 6 through 12th grade at age 17-18, and examines his relationship with his parents as he grows.

Award Winning Short Film Banzai Bill

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Banzai BillThanks for recognizing our fun little film. SO very proud of the remarkable artist who make up team Prairie Lens. Kato Buss, Cynthia Scarbrough and Ryan Leonard as cast. Patrick Kirk for your focus and quick work on the script and editing. Bunee Tomlinson and William Garrett danced and created with two cameras simultaneously.

My lovely family Dianna Bottoms , Krystle Brewer and Kaitlyn Bottoms creating props, wardrobe, food, water, dog wrangling. Nicholas Poss for creating the music as fast as we could create the images.Thank you God for green grass in August. Not a norm for Oklahoma at all.

The Osteology Museum for the awesome opening shots.Thank you Ben Hlavaty for a great event with the 48 Hour Project, Damon Blalack and Marisa Ferrell at Red Dirt FF, Anthony Foreman and staff at Trail Dance FF, Thanks Lance McDaniel and Dead Center FF for bring Banzai Bill back to OKC this summer.

We go to Filmapalooza New Orleans in March to compete with 112 other films made for the International 48Hour Film Project event. Our little film has legs.This is so much fun. Meeting other filmmakers, artist doing the work because they love the art. If you have never been to a film festival go to one.Meet the people who create the image and hear such rich stories.You won’t like everything you watch but I bet you will love some of it.

The Pioneers of Los Angeles Hard Rock & Metal

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First title is on the early years (1975-1981) is the initial tile of the INSIDE LA METAL Series. DVD out in Feb. 2014.

Years before MTV and decades before Internet and social media, there was a vibrant force in high-energy rock n roll that dominated the city of Los Angeles. Only a handful of stalwarts would survive the new millennium yet these bands and artists literally set the blueprint for Glam, Power, and Thrash Metal bands that would soon follow and reign supreme in Los Angeles and gain worldwide notoriety throughout the ’80s and beyond. These artists were the groundbreakers and trendsetters that set the course of heavy metal history.

Yet seldom is known about these founding fathers of hard rock and heavy metal music…until now! METAL ROCK Entertainment takes you on a transcendental journey into heavy metal yesteryear in this compelling DVD INSIDE METAL: The Pioneers of LA Rock and Metal (1975 — 1981), the first of a trilogy on the Los Angeles Metal Scene. In the mid-70s into the beginning of the ’80s cutting-edge hard rock bands such as SNOW, LEGS DIAMOND, SMILE, A LA CARTE, WOLFGANG, SUITE 19, STORMER, AXIS, EULOGY, DANTE FOX, XCITER, THE BOYZ, LONDON, AIRBORN, DETECTIVE, QUIET RIOT (with Randy Rhoads), SOUND BARRIER, THE WEASELS, THE GREG LEON INVASION, YESTERDAY & TODAY, MAX HAVOC, SORCERY, VENDETTA, THE SHARKS, PRETTY POISON, and of course VAN HALEN ruled Los Angeles and Orange County nightclubs like The Starwood, The Whisky, Gazzarri’s, The Woodstock, Woodsound, The Golden Bear, Stardust Ballroom, The Fleetwood, and backyard parties throughout the southland! This DVD features extraordinary interviews with many of the key players of the late ’70s LA Rock Scene including Carlos Cavazo (Snow, Quiet Riot, Ratt), Jack Russell (Dante Fox, Great White), Don Dokken (Airborn, Dokken), Dave Meniketti (Yesterday & Today), Brian O’Brian (A La Carte), Stephen Quadros (Orange, Snow), Greg Leon (Suite 19, Dubrow, Dokken, Greg Leon Invation), Joey Vera (Saphire, Greg Leon Invasion, Armored Saint), Roger Romeo (Legs Diamond), Pat McKeon (Badmoon, Max Havoc), Scotty Waller (Smile), Bernie K. & Spacey T. (Sound Barrier), Frank Dimino (Angel), Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt), Kelly Garni (Quiet Riot), Ann Boleyn (Hellion), Marq Torien (Ratt, Bullet Boys), Michael DesBarres (Silverhead, Detective), Steve Plunkett (Wolfgang, Autograph), Greg Durschlag (The Weasels), Jon Hyde (Detective), Felice LoCoco and Kurt Markham (Overkill — LA) and Lars Ulrich (Metallica). The DVD also features interviews of major industry players who supported the LA scene during that era including David Forest (former promoter/manager of The Starwood and The Whisky), Malcolm Dome (UK Journalist), Alan Wood (LA Scenester), Kevin Estrada (Photographer), Jon Sutherland (Journalist), John Kornarens (journalist), and Brian Slagel (CEO Metal Blade Records). So sit back, relax and enjoy this musical journey into a mystical wonderland of artistry and decadence. These are truly the Golden years of Hollywood hard rock and heavy metal!

—Bob Nalbandian


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blackhatsThis is a must See!!!!

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(Atlanta, GA) January 12, 2012- Reel One Entertainment, LLC and Supremacy Films, LLC have jointly announced today it will begin production on a new crime thriller, blackhats in early fall of 2011 with Errol Sadler (Step Off) to star. Laron Austin (Step Off) is set to direct the film based on the original screenplay written by Eddie Singleton (Step Off) and Martin Kelley (Step Off, Immigration Tango). blackhats will be produced by Eddie Singleton, Martin Kelley and Bennie Swint with Supremacy’s Errol Sadler.

blackhats is about a reformed, hot-tempered bounty hunter, Elisha Fleming, who finds his new harmonious life as a Fugitive Recovery Agent threatened, when he must track down a group of cyber hackers before they are assassinated by a rival bounty hunter while also trying to prevent a massive viral attack that could collapse America’s economic foundation.

Sadler recently co-starred in “Step Off”, distributed by Grindstone/Lionsgate Entertainment. Errol partnered with Symmetry Entertainment and C. Clear Cinema to Produce “Echo at 11 Oak Drive”, a feature length film that tells three stories that transpire under the same roof over three eras of time. He has also teamed up with Shadow Motion Picture to produce their latest Action packed feature length film “Fixer”, which is based on the sisterhood of female assassins.


About Reel One Entertainment
Atlanta based multi-platform content provider and Production Company, specializing in entertainment content, online Marketing, and Sales/Licensing. Reel One Entertainment creates and produces low budget, high quality, and genre content that entertain, inspire and inform.

About Supremacy Films
Supremacy Films is based in Atlanta, GA. Supremacy Films is a full-fledged Production company, which develops media, ranging from Film & Television, to Music Videos & Documentaries. From creation to completion, Supremacy Films handles all aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

Director:Laron Austin
Cast:Errol Sadler, Doris Morgado, Ted Huckabee, E. Roger Mitchell, Neko Parham, Cheri Christian, Vince Canlas, Onira Tarés, Samantha Worthen, Dan CaudillWriters:Martin L. Kelley, Eddie D. Singleton, Bennie Swint



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