Soul/American Soul Artist Kevin Bernard Sanderson

February 9, 2016 in Featured Artist, News by Indie Artist Radio

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Kevin Bernard SandersonKevin Bernard Sanderson (a.k.a.) Kevin BerSan is a self-contained artist/writer/producer who began playing music as a drummer in school bands. The challenge of finding other band members who work well together lead to me eventually learning to play other instruments as well.

It seems determination paid off for me as this is my first full album and it is winning fans everywhere. I’d much prefer just being a drummer in a band, but since my solo project is a hit, I’ll keep pushing it.Songs on the album are mostly r&b with one reggae-style song (track 3), one ’50s-style song (track 4) and one smooth jazz song (track 9) thank you and enjoy Kevin BerSan.

R&B The Classic Way with William Odell Hughes

October 19, 2015 in Featured Artist by Indie Artist Radio

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William Odell HughesWilliam Odell Hughes is a R&B artist who makes you move, think and feel. “Everytime It Rains” is a mid-tempo R&B jam. You can’t help but add a little bounce to your step as you’re moving and grooving to this one. Moving on to “Is This How You Like It” we step up the beat a bit, while the vocals remain to have that classic R&B soul to them with a punch of funk overall in the track, but low key.

Then comes the booty…I’m not sure what I was expecting with titles like “Big Booty” and “Butt Rattle” but somehow my expectations were still met. When you listen it’s like booty anthems for the mature crowd out there, not so much the Nicki Minaj, and JLo listeners. In all seriousness though, after the booties come and go, you have a man who can write a real heartfelt and striking song. “Drive By Shooting” is a hard one to get through because of the compassion in the story and you feel every note.

The same goes for “Statutory Rape” as well. It’s clear that Hughes is all over the board with his music, but all the while remains classy and cool. If you’re into the standards when it comes to R&B, check out William Odell Hughes.

Pop Artist Max Valley

October 5, 2015 in Featured Artist by Indie Artist Radio

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2049-MaxValley-IWTLYEMax started composing and recording at the age of 10 using instruments such as the flute, harmonica and a drum set made out of plastic and cardboard boxes.

He then followed with music lessons for instruments such as the drums, piano, guitar, bass and voice.

In 1998 he created the website where he would record one new original song or piece every 2 weeks made available for download.

He then became in 1999 and for several years a percussionist for the West-Island Youth Symphony Orchestra performing in the Montreal area in Quebec (Canada), in the province of Ontario and in France;

In 2001 he arranged and played the synth on Philish’s song “Grilled cheese” which got into CIBL’s French Top 40 in Montreal;

As a drummer he then formed a band with Philish called “Philish et ses pantoufles” performing in many clubs and festivals. A CD was recorded in 2003 for which many tracks played on the CIBL and CISM FM radio stations in Montreal.

Since the band’s split in 2005 Max continues in solo under different artist names making several internet mp3 albums.

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Mercury Down Alternative Featured Artist

June 3, 2015 in Alternative, Featured Artist by Indie Artist Radio

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Mercury DownIf you have ever wondered how a band gets started and what influences people to write music and lyrics, here it goes. Each of Mercury Down’s members has been involved in multiple bands over the last 20-30 years and has had influences from just about every genre of music.

Artists like The Beatles, Eric Johnson, Dada, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rush, Yes, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Wes Montgomery, etc…,

With all of this influence coupled with teaching and studio experience, the combination wouldfoster an amazing and diverse range of music and lyrics.

Mercury Down started as two solo projects in the fall of 2011. Larry Puterbaugh and Scott Shaver wanted to work on some of their own originals with Matt Cameron over seeing the production at his home studio. The initial idea was to lend their talents to each other’s originals. Cameron had a several songs of his own that were in need of some bass and vocals, so he decided to have Puterbaugh and Shaver trade studio time in exchange for work on his tracks.
There was no band collective in mind, explains Cameron, “just three projects that merged easily into one”, now known as Mercury Down. With new song ideas flooding in, the band decided tospend last year writing/recording, pushing the cd release to this year.

In the process of creating “Phases – Volume 1”, they started getting inspired with new musical ideas that began to transform into a second album. Stay tuned for “Phases – Volume 2” in the near future. It will include an amazing array of music that will more than complement the first album release.

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Soul Chatter Is A Touch of Rock

March 4, 2015 in Featured Artist by Indie Artist Radio

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SoulChatterSoul Chatter is roots rock, indie, folk-influenced, white soul, retro; ultimately the listener will decide what label(s) apply. We take the lyrics pretty damned seriously (at least the lyricist does) and work to create soul stirring compositions that stay with you, make you want to dig in a little. Intelligent, melodic, listenable rock songs with strong melodies, crisp guitar and rollicking keyboards. Toss in some horns and strings and plenty of heart.

Cleveland, back in the stone ages. The early 1980’s. Dark and dusty warehouses, long rehearsals, no money and trying to play only original music in a town with very few venues straying from a cover band format, especially with no local connections and certainly no pedigree. Modern music was hitting the radio. MTV had stumbled across its video format. We had real drums, a battered Wurlitzer electric piano, a couple of battle scarred amps and no ability or desire to play synth bass or a drum machine.

A band with three core members (keyboards, guitar and vocals) begins assembling original works. Ill-paid live performances, wallet-emptying studio projects and a revolving cast of support musicians straight out of The Commitments come and go. After a few years of long rehearsals, late night trips to Irv’s Deli and lots of very bad attempts at humor, the trio becomes a duo (the duo made this dubious mistake, but it has finally been rectified by the time of this writing). An ever-changing crew of characters join us for more studio sessions (whenever money other than that earmarked for rent was available) and the occasional ‘live’ performance.

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Country Artist Cody Joe Hodges

December 29, 2014 in Country/Western, Featured Artist by Indie Artist Radio

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Cody Joe HodgesCody Joe was recently nominated as Rising Star for the 2014 Texas Music Awards. He has also been nominated as Male Country Vocalist of the Year at the International Music and Entertainment Association for 2013 and 2014.

Cody Joe is a traditionalist in that he loves the sound of traditional country. Steel guitars, fiddles and good, old-fashioned story-telling songs, remind him of the way country music was when he was growing up.

Cody Joe Hodges’s music has been described as “outlaw country”, with a large influence of the country greats and performers who started the genre in the late 70’s and 80’s. Cody Joe’s voice ranges from silky smooth to raspy seduction. He and his band always thrill, putting on a high-energy performance at every show. It is rare that you will find someone that reaches across the aisle to both the old and new generations, but Cody Joe Hodges does it every time. Cody Joe’s sound is something out of the past, and his writing style of the here and now. His goal for every show is to fill the dance floor and get the crowd moving.

Featured Soul Artist Jerry Adams

February 23, 2014 in Featured Artist, News, R/B - Soul by Indie Artist Radio

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Jerry Adams“Brown-eyed Country Soul”
A mix of soul, country, and R&B, Jerry Adam’s music is singular among today’s vast music scene. Adams’ smooth personality is exemplified by his continually evolving sound with influences he attributes to The Temptations, Marvin Gay, and Otis Redding. He refers to his timbre as “brown-eyed country soul”. Growing up in Cleveland County, NC, Adams molded his voice while singing to himself in hot cotton fields and participating in local talent competitions. Many of his family members were in the entertainment industry themselves, and Adams says this played a big role in his attraction to the music business. His mother, Ruby Guyton Adams, sang in church choirs and his father Odell Adams, played a
role in the gospel movement in the South. Adams himself now has eight children and holds tight to strong family values.

In 2005 Adams quit his job as an independent paralegal to pursue his dream as a performer. After frequently performing at school functions through elementary and high school, and occasionally singing at night clubs – “when his mama gave me permission”, laughs Adams- the singer/songwriter tapered off his musical endeavors. During and after his time attending Gardner-Webb University, Adams made very few performances, but was eventually called back by the allure of the stage. He hopes to one day walk the red carpet at the Grammys, and sing with a few stars along the way.

In May, Adams performed at the Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC and was asked by the crowd and venue owners to return in June as the headliner. Adams currently has three original tracks and one full length album released titled “Send a Letter”. He has performed several of his songs for “Cleveland County Idol Search” and is preparing for more performances in the future. On June 15th, Jerry was selected to perform at the 2013 Pop Rock Country Extravaganza in Charlotte, NC. In regards to his accomplishments, Adams laughs and says, “I just sing”.


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