Ivory John Kovacich

September 16, 2013 in Books by Indie Artist Radio

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The Lost Art of MagicNote: This Author is very talent in his skill you will enjoy.
The Lost Art of Magic is available on Kindle and in print and will be on Nook soon.
The Mother of All Viruses is available on Kindle and will be in print and on Nook soon.

Author Bio: Ivory John Kovacich
As a child, I always had a knack for music. My mother told me that when I was two years old, I climbed up on the piano and one fingered the star spangled banner. I called it the baseball song. My father sang in a glee club, and I had a natural talent for singing harmonies with him. As a first grader, I was a soloist in the school choir.

When I lost access to a piano, I taught myself to play ukulele and later on guitar. Wanting formal lessons, I learned to play clarinet. In high school, I continued playing guitar but also returned to piano, including a summer class of Jazz Band.
I also started writing in high school. I wrote short stories, poems and radio play, which we also recorded, and a short film which we shot.

I continued writing, acting and film making in college. I had some poems published in the college paper and the college magazine.

One of my college poems also became my first song. I met some musicians in one of my acting classes and started playing music again. This led to my first pro or semi-pro performances. I played guitar for the first couple years, but when my guitar was stolen, I decided to start over with piano and purchased my first Rhodes.

The Mother of All VirusesCollege gave me ample opportunity to explore many creative possibilities. I even experimented with pencil, charcoal, india ink, oil paint and photography. Some of my art was better than others. I came away from college needing to choose a career path. Some thought I would continue acting. One of my professors had already shared some of my writing with his publishers. Music, however, seemed to have the greatest opportunity.

In the early eighties, I started experimenting with synthesizers. I created some songs where I played the entire band including some pretty amazing horns. I don’t know where it came from, but I had started creating music with a Latin feel. These recordings led me to a Latin legend, Richard Bean. We immediately hit it off and started working on some new material. It wasn’t long before I started working with a band called Malo, which led to the resurrection of Sapo.

Sapo was a great gig. I not only got to work with Richard, but also with Jorge Santana plus Chepito Areas and Rico Reyes (both on Santana’s Abraxas era albums.) I also had the honor of working with Gregg Errico (Sly and the Family Stones) and David Garibaldi (Tower of Power).

I left California and Sapo to escape what seemed like endless recessions and dwindling job opportunities, and moved to Arizona. I also started consulting from Arizona and found myself working away from home with little to do. It was impossible to commit myself to a band with my travel schedule, so I returned to writing.

When I decided to write again, I wondered how I could ever write 120,000 words to fill out a novel. Thirty years had passed since I last had written anything other than music, and I had to relearn my craft. When I was done, I found myself with over 160,000 words.

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Living with the myth of Janis Joplin

November 14, 2012 in Books by TMC

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Living with the myth of Janis Joplin. The History of Big Brother & the Holding Co.

Written By: Michael Spörke
What Mick Jagger is for the Rolling Stones, or Freddie Mercury for Queen, Janis Joplin was for Big Brother & the Holding Company. Joplin’s story still determines the public view of the Band. Her passion for an intense life and her expressive singing made Janis famous. Like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison she is one of the outstanding stars of the Rock music of her time.

To many people, Big Brother and the Holding Company has always meant Janis Joplin. Big Brother, who gave Janis a platform for success by giving her the freedom and the energy to develop her musical style, were considered as amateurish and unprofessional by many reviewers. The critics downgraded Big Brother for a long time and in the Joplin biographies the band was marginalized. Janis Joplin became the singer of Big Brother in 1966, and in that group she found the space to become one of the best white blues singers in the world. Although Big Brother & the Holding Co. were known in the Bay Area of San Francisco a year before Janis Joplin joined them and although they still play today as an active band, there has never been written a real history of Big Brother.

This fame and glory of Janis Joplin overshadowed the band. Big Brother therefore is representative of all the overshadowed bands in music history. This book tells the band’s story, how difficult it is to find an identity separate from that of Janis Joplin’s overshadowing talent. As David Getz, the drummer of the band, says: “The fame of Big Brother is like a Golden Albatross. It hangs around your neck like a curse. But the curse is made of gold.” Read the rest of this entry →

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The Purple Orchid List (Book)

November 9, 2012 in Books by TMC

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 The Purple Orchid List Written By: Jennifer Waters

About The Book:
“The Purple Orchid List” is a memoir about overcoming impossible circumstances and having an unrealistic dream come true.

When I was 32, my third husband walked out on my two young boys and I. It was the week before Christmas. I had a brand new business, with no predictable income. We lived in a crappy little town house, I wasn’t sure I would be able to pay the light bill for, much less the rent. There wasn’t a present under the tree for my kids, but I couldn’t stop dancing. I was alive and free.

I had survived a heinous molestation as a little girl, three disastrous marriages riddled with infidelity, mental, verbal and physical abuse. I had buried my dad and my son. I’d fought Goliath and lost. So when my third husband decided he was done, I held the door open as he walked out.

I was forced to admit there were things in life I just wasn’t good at. Marriage was at the top of that list. With the first stroke of my pen on the blank page of my life I created a ridiculously impossible list my next husband had to say, do and be, to insure I would forever remain single. To prove that this guy did not exist, I signed up for an online dating site and started doing something I had never done before, dating.

“The Purple Orchid List” is a real life fairy tale about overcoming impossible circumstances and having an unrealistic dream come true.

About Jennifer Waters:
Jennifer Waters has always had a passion for writing. When her husband Jack said that he had an interest in the theater she wrote a romantic comedy about how she and Jack met. “The Purple Orchid List,” the play, starred Jen as herself and Jack as himself. It was performed to sold out crowds at the local Arts Center and can be seen on YouTube.

While she was writing the play, Jennifer decided to take it one step further and tell her entire story. “The Purple Orchid List” is her first memoir. Jennifer and Jack live in Jamestown, North Dakota with two teen-age boys, six dogs and a guinea pig named Godzilla..

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Chopped Liver for the Family Spirit

September 28, 2012 in Books by TMC

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The stories in this book are of everyday heroes who embrace the challenges. Chopped Liver for the Family Spirit (2004) features inspiring stories from nearly 50 authors … of everyday heroes who embrace the challenges, the “chopped liver” that life dishes out, and come out winners. They reflect courage, hope and humor and show how, in the eye of international and domestic hurricanes, the remarkable sanctuary of the family resides. The authors confirm that “chopped liver” is not the end, but the beginning of great things in life.

Featuring Dr. Linda Salvin personal story is called “White Butterfly” as I describe my spiritual awakening as a result of surviving a commercial airplane crash in 1981, being hit by a fire truck in ’82 and totaling a car in ’84 where I experienced a white light.

This book is a must read.

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TURN IT UP! New Book written by former tour manager Ron Eckerman

April 21, 2012 in Books, News by TMC

“Eckerman has successfully broken time travel boundaries, and transports the reader to the mid seventies, to the heart of southern rock.”

The Book:
TURN IT UP is a labor of love written by former tour manager Ron Eckerman. It’s an in-depth look at the characters, personalities, and relationships of the band members and himself as they struggle to the top tier of the music industry.

Lynyrd Skynyrd was an iconic band, the definition of southern rock, with an uncanny ability to touch the lives of all who listened to their timeless music. This is the compelling story of the final years of Ronnie Van Zant’s Lynyrd Skynyrd, and of the ironic events leading to the tragic plane crash, told in masterful fashion.

The Author:
Ron Eckerman was an early pioneer in the concert industry. In 1973, he began producing concert tours and created a concert lighting / tour management company, Clearlight Enterprises. The organization toured with the top bands of the era: Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton, Willie Nelson, WAR, Humble Pie, Foghat, Alvin Lee, Waylon Jennings, Trapeze, Montrose, Gary Wright, and many others.

In 1976, he took on the challenge of managing Lynyrd Skynyrd tours, and witnessed and participated in their meteoric rise to fame and worldwide acclaim.

After recovering from the tragic plane crash that put an end to the original Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eckerman went on to produce in television, film, and stage, and taught theater and artist management at Santa Monica College.

Mr. Eckerman has been writing short stories, technical manuscripts, and financial articles for the past few years. His book “Turn it Up!” is a memoir about his experience with the 1970’s concert scene and the rise and fall of one of the world’s most legendary rock bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd.


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