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September 19, 2012 in Magazines by TMC

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MuzicNotez The Magazine is dedicated to promoting indie music, and the best resources for indie musicians to succeed. We promote the best emerging talent from within our networks thousands of musicians, tracks and videos. There’s a lot of talent out there these days, it’s a daunting task sometimes to find the cream of the crop though. That’s our job, between us and our partners at The Emerging Talent Agency we bring you some of the best the indie music scene has to offer.

There are also a lot of indie music resources (networks, promoters, tools, radio, labels, etc.) flooding the market these days. As an indie music resource we seek out the best tools for indie musicians and review them for you to best take advantage.

In between our magazine posts and reviews, we also release indie musician interviews to give you an inside look in the mind of aspiring future stars.

At least once a month, we release another magazine issue containing MuzicNotez updates/developments, our best new artists, music and a featured video. These issues are also sent out in our newsletter every month. Subscribe to stay up to date with the indie scene!