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“Chasing Paper” Catchy New Rap & R&B

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Genre- Urban. This song, which blends Rap and R&B, was recorded, mixed, engineered and produced by Mike Repel of Reformatory Records and Killa Creep of the Heena Klan.

Musical composition produced by Gary, Indiana native NSTRMNTL who provided musical content for Ciryl Da Great, also on Reformatory Records, and has worked with numerous rap artists in Gary Indiana.

This song was mastered by Jay Franco of Sterling Studios who has lent his technical expertise to a variety of top-selling releases from such varied artists as Coldplay, The Neptunes, Athlete, Erykah Badu, Johnny Cash, Stephen and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Art Brut, Rick Ross, CéU, The Beastie Boys, Ben Folds, Chris Brown, Ash, The Brazilian Girls, Diddy and Usher. Universal Records, Capitol, Warner Music, and Sony BMG have all hired Jay to help master some of their most successful releases.

The Henna Klan’s rap career started almost two decades ago when the trio released a professional full length, packaged cassette recording under their childhood name the “DOME CREW” This tape gained the attention of RAW DOPE Records (Crucial Conflict) and integrated the trio on Chicago’s west side Rap community amongst such artists as TWISTA, CRUCIAL CONFLICT, DO OR DIE, and TRIPLE DARKNESS.This release shows the trio at their best seamlessly integrating Rap and R&B throughout the song complete with harmonized rap verses and well blended, extremely catchy choruses.

This song has already been published and will be available June 26th 2012 in all Digital Jukeboxes bearing the AMI ENTERTAINMET logo.

This song has International digital distribution and will be available in all territories on all online digital retail stores and mobile music providers Tuesday July 24th including iTunes, Amazon mp3, Muve Music on Cricket Wireless, Napster, Rhapsody, Myxer, Mix and Burn at F.Y.E. and more.

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  1. So how can a Syndicated Radio Show host like myself get the (Radio Edited) single for this project in order to play it?

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