Chevy Gives Vehicle to Independent Musicians For Touring

May 16, 2012 in News by TMC

Beth Bombara “Wish I Were You”

The road is long ahead, but the Mid-America Chevy dealers have made one music group’s tour dreams come true by providing a Suburban for their upcoming tour. The group includes St. Louis-based songwriter and guitarist Beth Bombara, who is supported by Karl Eggers (banjo/guitar), JJ Hamon (pedal steel), and Kit Hamon (violin/fiddle). Together, Beth Bombara and her band create a modern day folk/alt-country sound drawing influences from Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, and Neil Young.

“We are really excited to see Chevy’s initiative to invest in independent music. There’s definitely a need for that, with the decline of the traditional record label model which essentially provided huge loans to bands for funding records and touring. But it’s harder for smaller groups to get that now.”, says Beth. Bombara’s tour will cover 5,000 miles in 2 1⁄2 weeks. “I’m hoping that this opportunity will be a stepping stone to something bigger.” Tour stops include Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Denver, Albuquerque, Durango, Tucson, Dallas, and Kansas City among others. Bombara and crew will be documenting the tour with real time photos, videos, and blog post, so fans can follow along.Chevy has also stepped things up, creating the Chevy Music Showcase. A short-form documentary series presented by the Mid-America Chevy Dealers, the showcase offers a behind-the-scenes look at different bands, telling the stories of who, what, where, when, how and why these musicians do what they do. The mini episodes air on prime time TV in their local regions and are available for streaming via YouTube. The series has been produced in Oklahoma City, St. Louis, and Kansas City, with plans to expand to other cities.