May 6, 2012 in News by TMC

Released By Swerp Records:

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29th, 1917.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you about Water House. Water House has been called many things, but none of those things are “fraud”. If you ask Red Nichols, he’ll tell you the whole thing was his idea. He’s lying.

Anyway, Water House started in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. They started in a gross basement, as many bands do. Back then, it was just the four of ’em. Billy Radtke, Randy Tadlock, Daniel Velazquez and Ian Sutherland. They would spend countless hours arguing over where a smell was coming from, and eventually some vague idea of a “song” would take shape. When they realized none of them could play the “drums”, a need for someone who could was noticed, ignored, noticed again and finally acted upon. Nnamdi Ogbannaya was the man for the job. Why do people always say that? “Man for the job”?

Things were different then. Johnson was in office, and the octagon had just become a shape. Besides all that, Water House was just a baby. A dumb, ugly baby with no legs to walk on. Oh, also, Nnamdi stopped being the drummer, and moved to Basstown and a young man calling himself Brendan Smyth came to Drum Island. Somehow, a real band grew out of this horrible wreck, and songs happened. Early examples of these “songs” were what eventually became the classics “Snakebite” and “NO! FUN!”. Originally, everything was just a convoluted mess of yelps and clicking sounds. Some people might say it still is. Some people might say ALL music is, but that’s for another day.Collectively, Water House was aware of the need for something to change in music. Especially local music. Growing bored of hearing the same thing coming out of every basement, they went relentlessly out of their way to do something else. Allowing themselves infinite freedom as far as a “genre” they found a sound. Using bits and pieces of the endless influences they share, or not, they created songs motivated by moods, emotions and ideas, rather than some specific style. Never afraid to embrace dissonance, or traditional pop structure (usually at the same time) they’ve managed, despite their INCREDIBLE amount of psychological flaws, to produce something simultaneously intellectual and challenging AND accessible and catchy. Also, they are all insane, and not to be trusted.

Eventually, Billy went off to become educated and Randy got a job in a coal mine at the bottom of the ocean. Noticing the void left in their sound, Evan Mulvihill was forced to join the band. Now he’s there. Playing stuff.

Okay, that’s your story. Goodnight.