Revolver Underground Now Broadcasting On Indie Artist Radio

March 20, 2012 in News by TMC

Indie Artist Radio is proud to announce a brand new show on the #1 Indie Station

Revolver Underground will be a vast internet music network, initially specializing in the independent, Top 40 market and existing as an outlet for independent artists to bring their work to the world. Through the process of natural evolution, the initially capitalized independent segment will progress until virtually all musical genres are included and distributed globally via a multi channel internet radio experience.

We believe that this method of musical conveyance has not been taken advantage of to it’s fullest potential. In the past, ‘indie’ artists have been left to fend for themselves. Without corporate support, without global airplay, without a ‘chance’ in the grand scheme of success as defined by the contemporary music industry. As has become popular knowledge…this is no longer the case.

The term ‘indie’ has become synonymous with success. The term underground has become synonymous with sexy. The term success has become synonymous with any deviance from the formerly recognized criteria from which the industry previously based the majority of its metrics. Today…we have the ability to bring this to the entire world with virtually no effort via the World Wide Web. In Short:

Revolver Underground is a 1-hour, weekly, syndicated, music show featuring the very best Indie music on the planet.

Hosted By EROCK!/revolverradio