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  • The Music Smackdown

    Indie Music Wanted – Episode 63

    Yes we are back for another fun-filled episode with great music by Dexter Kendrick, Jeff Chazz, Stone Ticket, Emily’s ToyBox and many more so don’t miss this show! We are currently looking for Indie Music to [...]
  • social_media-8

    How To Use Social Media As A Tool

    Social Media Is A Great Tool In the past 10 years the social media platforms that have come online have brought with them a multitude of great tools! This has given anyone with the will to [...]
  • A Night at the Brudenell

    A Night at the Brudenell

    By Matthew Wilson June 7, 2016 If there’s anything to take from this, it’s that the Leeds scene is finding its feet again. I’m just ready for it to start running. Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club [...]
Stephan Earl
In the Spotlight

Stephan Earl

by TMC in Featured Artist 4

Genre: Jazz Website: Embodying elements of Jazz, Rock, Down-tempo and New Age, composer / producer Stephan Earl’s music flows across stylistic boundaries yet is focused on the principals of melody, harmony and rhythm. Enchanting and thought-provoking, Stephan composes music that is harmonically interesting and complex, yet accessible to the average listener. His music is the perfect fit for a “Nu-Jazz” world, something Stephan eagerly embraces. “There are so many styles [...]


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